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Casey Scorpions v Northern Bullants

Anyone go and anything to report?


Saw both games and was overall impressed with both sides. (Scorpions) I think boths 1's and 2's had about 10 goal wins. I would suggest the bullants may drop off a bit this year, but of course it is only march.

I thought that losing Silvagni and Faulks may have been holes to big to cover down back but i think we will be fine. Panozza is getting better with every game and I think Tim Mohr will settle well down back during the season. Perhaps just a bigger body short at full back, but we will see what happens.

Our ball movement at times was spot on and the young kid Luke McDonald, who is apparently brother of Ben McDonald who has played some game with us over the last couple of years looks a star in the making.

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Very interesting to see Gotch v German after swapping teams from last year.
Casey v Williamstown could well and truly be a battle of the coaches when they meet.
Preston did well to reach the GF last year. Not sure about 2010 but I would have had them as favourites a month ago if I was framing a premiership market. Probably was going from last years list and the players missing from other clubs.
This year looks very even and hard to single out a club as the one to beat.

Thomas Roach has headed to the West to play with Andrew Krakouer. Can the roosters cover Roach and a few other significant losses ? Will find it tougher but I would not count them out as the are well drilled and seem to find good players.


Iceman is McDonald the kid who led the TAC Cup goal kicking last year??? From Eastern Rangers?? I wondered where he might end up, not many genuine goal kickers going around these days.


Yes burraburger it is. He did some training with Box Hill pre-christmas. I think he was a mature age TAC player last season? He has already shown plenty of talent and skill in the first 2 hit outs. It is great that we will have some competition up forward for spots when Waite, Simpson and Moore return from injury to add to McDonald and Newton etc.