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TAC Cup Rd 10 Results and Rd 1 Fixture

The TAC Cup season kicked off last Sunday with a triple header at Visy Park

Results of Round 10(Metro week)

Calder Cannons 5.2 8.6 10.9 16.11(107)
Western Jets 0.1 0.6 3.9 5.11(41)

Calder Cannons
Goal Kickers: D. Meli 3, J. Schroder 2, T. Wright 2, F. Dale 2, H. Huntley 2, C. Guthrie, B. Grenfell, M. Watson, N. Robortella, A. McLeod
Best Players: C. Guthrie, T. Liberatore, M. Watson, N. Robortella, M. Talia, D. Prestia
Western Jets
Goal Kickers: D. Conway 2, J. Fortune, E. Kavanagh, C. Hylton
Best Players: J. Mead, J. Fortune, E. Kavanagh, J. Allen, A. Kennedy, B. Casley

Eastern Ranges 1.3 4.3 10.4 14.7(91)
Oakleigh Chargers 5.4 13.10 18.13 24.14(158)

Eastern Ranges
Goal Kickers: A. Mullett 2, B. Harvey 2, C. O''Shea 2, M. Bussey 2, L. McKenna, L. O''Brien, A. Young, H. Crozier, D. Volta, J. Patton
Best Players: B. Harvey, A. Mullett, C. O''Shea, L. McKenna, A. Young, J. Patton
Oakleigh Chargers
Goal Kickers: P. Karnezis 6, N. Murphy 4, A. Gaff 3, A. Tomlinson 2, A. Johnson 2, D. Orval 2, T. Schneider 2, S. Crocker, V. Michie, M. Wooffindin
Best Players: A. Gaff, P. Karnezis, A. Browne, A. Tomlinson, S. Crocker, J. Castricum

Sandringham Dragons 2.2 6.3 7.4 9.5(59)
Northern Knights 3.5 9.7 10.11 14.14(98)

Sandringham Dragons
Goal Kickers: B. Jacobs 4, W. Gillespie 2, D. Reilly, C. Sharp, L. Boyd
Best Players: B. Jacobs, J. Dermott, D. Garside, M. James, N. Fallon, L. Boyd
Northern Knights
Goal Kickers: J. Caddy 2, A. Marcon 2, D. Barden 2, T. Veal 2, N. Maric 2, T. Currie, B. Longer, M. Mascoulis, T. Lincoln
Best Players: J. Caddy, S. Witkowski, D. Barden, A. Marcon, T. Veal, N. Maric

Saturday March 27
Bendigo Pioneers vs Geelong Falcons at Shepley Oval 11:30am
North Ballarat Rebels vs Murray Bushrangers at Shepley Oval 2pm
Gippsland Power vs Dandenong Stingrays at Morwell 1pm
Sunday March 28
Calder Cannons vs Northern Knights at Visy Park 9:45am
Sandringham Dragons vs Oakleigh Chargers at Visy Park 12:15pm
Western Jets vs Eastern Ranges at Visy Park 2:45pm
BYE-Greater Western Sydney