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2010 Round 11 - Sandringham vs. Williamstown (VFLRadio)

Sunday 4th July

Trevor Barker Beach Oval at 2:00 PM


B Johnson Gaertner Howard
HB Lynch Simpkin Miles
C Ferraro Irving Gallagher
HF Magner Pattison Tregear
F Walsh Sautner Cahill
R King Hutchings A. Smith
Int Heyne Dawson Dempster
  Steven Lourey Hardiman
  Gram Stanley Archer
  O'Sullivan* Winmar Nash


B Callan Williams Tiller
HB Everitt Faulks Addison
C Stretton Bre. Johnson Moles
HF Stack Jones Jolley
F Akermanis Little Hill
R Roughead Eagleton Davies
Int Panos Hooper Lockwood
  Boumann Howard Gray*
  Rose Grossman German

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Who will line up on Akermanis?


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That's a hard question but my guess is Ricky Ferraro or David Gallagher as both are fast runners. Acka is a very elusive player as you never know where and when he will bob up so a close encounter is needed.
I've always admired Acka but now he is playing against the Zebs it's a different and story so he must be watched very closely if possible.
Of course there are 21 other Seagulls to mind also and must be aware of Little,Hill and Jolley as they had a great win last week.
Sandy must be at their best to match this top of the ladder team.


Yes it will be very interesting to see how this fading AFL star performs at TBO.

Good summary from Robert Walls

Time for Akermanis to make a decision on his future

Things came to a head when Aka wrote a column about gay footballers. The problem was not just the content but also that he misled his club during the public fallout. So once again a club lost faith and trust in Akermanis. Consequently, the Bulldogs imposed a three-week media ban on him and dropped him from the team. Aka claimed he has played with injury this season, and now, after a three-week lay-off, is ready to resume on Sunday with Williamstown - the Dogs' VFL team.

Eade finds himself in a good situation. He holds the whip hand. His Dogs are starting to hit their straps, having won five of their past seven games. I'm sure his plans for the rest of the season don't much involve Aka. So if his man sulks in the VFL, so be it.

But if Aka plays well enough for Williamstown, eventually he will be promoted. If he is then able to come into the senior team and perform, it will be a bonus. In many respects the ball is now well and truly in the player's hands. He can work hard to find fitness and form, earn respect with his efforts and finish his career on a high. Or, he can whinge about playing with Williamstown, create unnecessary headlines and blame everyone except himself.

So, Aka has a lot of thinking to do. He should not want to finish his football career for the second time at a club where he is not wanted. Because as the years go by, it is a very nice thing to be welcomed back to a club that you have served.

And as far as his media career is concerned, it has to be in Melbourne, so he should be trying to win people over with his flying feet and not his mouth. There will be time for that later.

Can he do? I think he can, but he needs to make sure that he is not exploited by non-football people.

Aka's life as a footballer will be over in three months. It's up to him how he will be remembered.

Wally from Will...
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Sandringham 2.2 4.3 6.6 8.7 (55)
Williamstown 5.2 10.5 14.10 17.15 (117)

Sandringham: Sautner 5 Tregear Walsh Magner
Williamstown: Little 7 Hooper 4 Rose 2 Jones 2 Stack Johnson

Sandringham: Gallagher Walsh Smith Hardiman Gaertner Lynch
Williamstown: Jolley Little Stack Stretton Callan Hooper

Sandringham: Nil
Williamstown: Nil

WOO-HOO ..... just Willi's 4th win in 21 years at Sandy & i've seen two of them ....amazing ..... great new social facility at the ground .... cold Jimmy Boags ... stick your plastic cups of light beer for $6 at the AFL where the sun don't shine :-)

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Matty Little another lazy seven to have a mortgage on the Frosty Miller medal.
How did Aker go and what was the crowd like ?

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Bad day at the office for Sandy...beaten by a very slick Williamstown side who I think will be a flag favourite along with North Ballarat..

Matt Little the dominant player on the ground imo...reckon he's a certainty to be drafted....he has the rare ability to take a one grab mark while running at full speed...Jason Dunstall was a player who did this regularly in his heyday

Of course we have to mention the Aker show....pretty quiet day for him....I reckon Alistair Smith had the better of him over the day..but he got a lot of Bulldog supporters along to a ground where most probably most of them have never been been before or even knew where the ground was...

Werribee at Werribee next week....a must win game for Sandy...then again, every game is a must win for Sandy from now on if we want to play finals

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

Wally from Will...
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Yep, agree, Aker pretty quiet, did a couple of nice things but not enough to get promoted .... not a bad crowd, would have been better if the Saints weren't playing tonight .... not sure about Matt Little, not big enough or strong enough for AFL i would have thought, but the new teams may be prepared to take a punt (punintentional) on him ... hope they don't, he is capable of kicking the ton in VFL :-)


Good day for Willy, and good crowd. Aker was quiet, but Little good. Nathan Burke, Russell Gilbert just a couple of the celebs (?) there.

Had a few ales in the social club after the game - Willy listed boys were there, which was good to see, and I had a good chat with Sautner, who happily gave my young son an autograph. Also, looked at the lunch list, and saw it was Les Twentyman attended, along with a couple of old VFA names in Ian Rickman and Dale TappinG.

Wally from Will...
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Chops Rickman is a director at Willi & Dale Tapping was on the match committee when Gotchy was coach


I was thinking of going but Im gald I didnt.Its not that often the the Zebras get thrashed at Besch Road.Better start lookijg to get about 6 good VFL standard players that can win games as you cant rely on the St Kilda players to win you games
Good to see Nick still kicking 5 goals.