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2010 NAB AFL Under 16 Championships

The 2010 AFL Under 16 Championships are in Sydney this week and began on the weekend. The Top 2 teams from each division will qualify for the grand final. Div 1 grand final to be played as a curtain raiser to the AFL Grand Final on September 25. Div 2 grand final likely to be at Visy Park on Friday September 24. World and South Pacific teams can not qualify for Div 2 grand final.

Here are the results so far
Saturday at Blacktown Olympic Park

Western Australia 15.11 (101) defeated Vic Country 8.9 (57)


WA: Alex Riiel 4, Martin Geraghty 3, Dayle Garlett 2, Corey Chalmers 2, Chris Warrell, Dean Kent, Marco Paparone, Chris Yarren

Vic Country: Lachie Whitfield 2, Corie Intveen, Jake Stringer, Brad Crouch, Oliver Wines, Jason Pongracic, Jayden Gee


WA: Brendon Lim, Sean Lynch, Chris Yarren, Mason Shaw, Corey Chalmers, Martin Geraghty, Brant Colledge, Dean Kent, Alex Riiel

Vic Country: Nathan Wright, Lachie Whitfield, Jason Pongracic, Brad Crouch, Billy Rolfe, Brody Mahoney

South Australia 16.14 (110) defeated Vic Metro 14.7 (91)


SA: Ben Kennedy 5, Jack Viney 3, Travis Schiller, Billy Hayes, Michael McMahon, Sam Mayes, Alex Spina, Troy Menzel, Todd McKay, Tom Whittlese

Vic Metro: Joe Daniher 5, Rory Atkins 2, Nathan Hrovat 2, Kristian Jaksch, Anthony Bonaddio, Darcy Bailey, Anthony Piva


SA: Jack Viney, Ben Kennedy, Brodie Grundy, Nick Amato, Joseph Sinor, Harley Montgomery, Chris Black

Vic Metro: Joe Daniher, Jonathan O’Rourke, Fabian Brancatisano, Nick Vlastuin, Keenan Posar

WA 1-0 177.19%
SA 1-0 120.88%
VIC M 0-1 82.73%
VIC C 0-1 56.44%

Round 2 is being played today at Blacktown Olympic Park
WA vs SA at 3:30pm
VIC Metro vs VIC Country at 6pm

Sunday at Blacktown Olympic Park

South Pacific 7.12 (54) def World XVIII 3.4 (22)


South Pacific: Slim Collins 3, John Ikupu 2, Aviata Siuta 1

World: Peter Ajang 1, Prince Nematswerani 1, Joseph Lo Buluk 1


South Pacific: Dylan Wolfgramm, Slim Collins, Yoshi Harris, Liam Ackland, Wingti Pena, John Ikupu, Theo Gavura

World: Kane Clark, Emmanuel Irra, Jono Elliot, Mathias Biron, Alex McPhee, Sean O’Kennedy, Joseph Lo Buluk

Tasmania 13.11 (89) def Northern Territory 10.11 (71)


Tasmania: Brennon Kendall 2, Sam Siggins 2, Bryden Goninon 2, Kyle Clark 1, Joby Reynolds 1, Cory Dyson 1, Jesse Lonergan 1, Matthew Ling 1, Jarrod Hibberd 1, Bayden Bryant 1

NT: Anthony Gugliotto 2, Joel Seden 2, David Richardson 1, Jed Anderson 1, Louis Eggar 1, Jake Neade 1, Matthew Duffy 1, Sam Autio 1


Tasmania: Henry Schade, Jarrod Hibberd, Calen Jeffery, Bryden Goninon, Chae Evans, Sam Siggins, Matthew Ling

NT: Jordan Wilson, Jed Anderson, Joel Seden, Matthew Duffy, Jack Long, Braedon McClean

Queensland 19.14 (128) def NSW/ACT 8.10 (58)


Queensland: Shaun Crook 7, Alex Sexton 3, Nathan Newcastle 2, James Ives 1, Andrew Boston 1, Josh Smith 1, Nabako Stow 1, Tom Overington 1, Ryan Johnson 1, Jordan Burke 1

NSW/ACT: Stephen Wray 3, Zachary Williams 1, Daniel Robinson 1, James Mount 1, Curtis Slattery 1, Craig Moller 1


Queensland: Alex Sexton, Andrew Boston, Tom Overington, Shaun Crook, Jock Oats, James Ives

NSW/ACT: Craig Moller, Daniel Robinson, Lachlan Harper, Angus Locke, Zachary Williams, Dean Robertson

QLD 1-0 220.69%
TAS 1-0 125.35%
NT 0-1 79.78%
NSW/ACT 0-1 45.31%
*World and South Pacific teams can not qualify for the final*

Round 2 is being played tomorrow(Wednesday)
NT vs NSW/ACT at Purser Oval,Rouse Hill 11am
TAS vs World at Purser Oval,Rouse Hill 1:30pm
QLD vs South Pacific at Blacktown Olympic Park No.2 at 6pm

All info on the championships can found on the AFL website Click Here


Good work Robbo.

I thought that both Div 1 and Div 2 GFs would be played at the MCG on AFL GF Day. 9am Div 2 and 10.50am for Div 1.


The AFL want the surface to be right for the Grand Final so only Div 1 final will be played at the g.

Remember last year both U16 games were moved to Visy Park due to poor weather.


Final Scores from 1st game of Day 2 of Division 1 at Blacktown Olympic Park

Sth Aust 2.5 5.9 8.11 10.15(75)
West Aust 2.1 4.2 4.3 7.6(48)

Vic Metro to play Vic Country game starts at 6pm.

Updated Ladder
Sth Aust 2-0 133.1%
West Aust 1-1 112.9%
Vic Metro 0-1 82.73%
Vic Country 0-1 56.44%


Quarter time in Game 2

Vic Metro 4-0(24)
Vic Country 1-1(7)


Just heard their was a 15 min delay during the 2nd quarter of the Vic Country vs Vic Metro was due to the sprinkers coming on.


[quote=Robbo]The AFL want the surface to be right for the Grand Final so only Div 1 final will be played at the g.

Remember last year both U16 games were moved to Visy Park due to poor weather.[/quote]
Fair enough.

We had torrential rain all day on the Friday with more forecast on the Saturday last year so it was understandable.

Just think it is sad that the AFL want to remove all football curtain raisers from the MCG on Grand Final Day. It was bad enough the TAC Cup got the arse, but if they scrub the U16s as well that will be really disappoining.

Won't be too long before there is nothing happening on the MCG until the big game. Go ask any person aged 20 or older who played at the MCG in a TAC Cup Grand Final, most to this day will tell you it was the highlight of their career.


Final Score from 2nd game tonight
Vic Metro 11-4(70)
Vic Country 4-10(34)

Final Round for Divison 1 on Friday.

Tomorrow is Division 2
NT vs NSW/ACT at Rouse Hill 11am
TAS vs World at Rouse Hill 1:30pm
QLD vs South Pacific at Blacktown Olympic Park No.2 6pm


Division 2 games underway at Rouse Hill in Sydney

NSW/ACT 15-8(98) def NT 9-9(63)

TAS vs World match just under way

QLD vs South Pacific match to be played at Blacktown Olympic Park No.2 at 6pm


Update from 2nd game today

Tasmania 8-12(60)
World Team 2-0(12)


Final Score at Rouse Hill
Tasmania 15-18(108)
World 3-1(19)

Quarter Time at Blacktown No 2
Queensland 4-3(27)
South Pacific 1-1(7)