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Half Time
Queensland 5-9(39)
South Pacific 1-3(9)


Three Quarter Time
Queensland 7-9(51)
South Pacific 5-4(34)


Final Score
Queensland 7-15(57)
South Pacific 6-6(42)


Updated Ladders

South Aust 2-0 133.09%
West Aust 1-1 112.88%
Vic Metro 1-1 111.81%
Vic Country 0-2 53.22%

Tomorrow is the Final Round at Blacktown Olympic Park
Vic Metro vs West Aust at 10am
South Aust vs Vic Country at 12:30pm

Tasmania 2-0 218.89%
Queensland 2-0 185%
NSW/ACT 1-1 81.68%
Nth Territory 0-2 71.66%

Saturday is the Final Round
Queensland vs Tasmania at Blacktown Olympic Park 10am
South Pacific vs Northern Territory at Blacktown Olympic Park 12:15pm
NSW/ACT vs World at Blacktown Olympic Park No.2 at 2:15pm


Half Time
West Aust 10-1(61)
Vic Metro 4-2(26)

if WA win this game it will be a WA vs SA final at the MCG on AFL Grand Final day.

South Aust play Vic Country at 12:30pm


According to guys on Bigfooty, the whole finals of the U16s have been abolished and trophies will be awarded today Robbo. Is that correct?


The AFL are still advertising the finals for Grand Final week.


Final Scores from today's games
West Aust 19-7(121)
Vic Metro 6-7(43)

Vic Country 9-7(61)
South Aust 7-16(58)

South Aust win their 1st AFL U16 national title as they and WA both finished with 2 wins. SA win title as they beat WA.

There are no finals in Melbourne

Final Day for Div 2 tomorrow.


There are no finals in Melbourne
[/quote]So will there be any curtain raiser at the MCG on Grand Final Day?? Probably not.

Although I wouldn't put it past the AFL to have a Gold Coast v GWS match curtain raiser or something pathetic like that.


Hi Robbo,

Ist time on the site.

The reason the boys were given on the Wed of the U16 Nationals that there were no MCG GF curtain raiser games was the AFLs concerns with the young boys playing to much football and evidence of an increase at this age of Osteitis Pubis. Id say more like the cost involved with flights, accomodation, 1 parent allowed attend the GF etc etc. Soon adds up to be quite an expensive day out. Boys were shatterd to hear the news