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Dogs apology for Jason Akermanis gibe

THE Western Bulldogs have apologised to St Kilda for derogatory comments made by Jason Akermanis in relation to Saints-listed player Alistair Smith.
And Bulldogs coach Rodney Eade last night admitted he was disappointed in Akermanis' comments in which he called the 19-year-old a "dribbler who can't play at all, who can't kick".

Akermanis, playing his first of a two-game stint with Williamstown in the VFL after being suspended by the Bulldogs, was restricted to 14 possessions after being tagged by Smith, who was playing for St Kilda's VFL affiliate Sandringham.

Speaking on radio station MTR yesterday, Akermanis said Smith was only worried about stopping him, not helping his teammates.

St Kilda football manager Greg Hutchison told the Herald Sun last night he had received an apology from the Bulldogs.

"Alistair's OK, he understands the nature of football," Hutchison said.

Speaking on 3AW last night, Eade said: "To say what he said was very disappointing, because I watched the game and ... the kid did a very good job."