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2010 Round 12 - Frankston vs. Casey Scorpions

Sunday 11th July

Frankston Park at 2:00 PM


B Campisano Westcott Proctor
HB Davis W. Miller Potts
C Collison Hibberd M. Clark
HF Baguley Thoolen Lee
F Hockey L. Clark Bosward
R Gabriel Kennedy Simpson
Int Haretuku B. Mitchell Boswell
  Rowe Crowe Bateman
  Cole Sienkiewicz Edwards*

Casey Scorpions

B Panozza Warnock Stockdale
HB Cheney Mohr Bail
C Wall Dan. Bell Macdonald
HF McGough Jurrah Morton
F Maric Miller Wonaemirri
R P. Johnson MacReadie Nicholls
Int Smith Creed Woodhead*
  Fieldsend Cleven Weekes
  Lees Chivers Moore
  McNamara Fitzpatrick Jetta


are casey radio covering an away game?

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Will be making my first trip to kars Street for the year on Sunday. Hoping that the dolphins can at least make some sort of game and be competitive.
Will catch up with the Casey crew for an ale or two.
Also looking forward to the sounds of those drums on the hill.


[quote=footyman]are casey radio covering an away game?[/quote]

Unfortunately not.

Thought we were a chance a couple of weeks ago, but not now.


Reserves Final Score
Frankston 5-22(52)
Casey 24-17(161)

Seniors Quarter Time
Frankston 1-1(7)
Casey 7-3(45)


Half Time
Frankston 2-5(17)
Casey 7-6(48)


Three Quarter Time
Frankston 4-8(32)
Casey 8-7(55)


Final Score
Frankston 7-12(54)
Casey 9-10(64)


I'd be interested in how the game was played. Seems to me that Casey had a blistering start and then allowed Frankston back into the game. Good effort from the Dolphins to once again perform well against a top side at home.


Nothing against the dollies but if casey was playing a top side they would have had there pants pulled down

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Going into the game it was Casey in 3rd spot with 9 wins and 2 losses and 110% playing Frankston dead last with 1 win and 10 losses and 46%.
At qtr time Casey led 7.3 to 1.1 In the last 3 qtrs the dolphins kicked 6.11 to 2.7.
If there was a bookmaker at the ground you would have got 500/1 odds of a Frankston win. Although they did not win they had a red hot go. Clinton Proctor booted 6 goals and if they had a player like a Marigliani (they could have done with his likes and he should be playing with Essendon and not Bendigo)or one more solid midfielder plus a target at centre half forward the dolphins would have had a 3 to 4 goal win. The kids with an average age of 19 did very well and are improving.
This was my first visit to Kars Street for 2010 and I was impressed with the dolphins endeavor. Casey would need to improve next week as they will be up against a determined borough team. Still have not heard on the venue for next week but the word is maybe it will stay put at Casey.