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[quote=Slammin Sammy Says]So which games will be on ABC TV?

The games at Port?[/quote]
Should be the games that start at 2.10, so that will be Collingwood vs Northern and North Ballarat v Casey.


The matches at Port Melbourne are always on the ABC.

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Just a couple of years ago, Box Hill was deemed unsuitable to host finals because of a lack of undercover seating. Now they have the new complex.. But I understood that was for Box Hill Social Club members.

So what's changed that the City Oval is now suitable for VFL Finals footy?



Definitely not a crowd maximising fixture.

The 2 tv finals both clash with their AFL teams.

Coll vs Haw on Sat arvo

NM vs Melb on Sun arvo


[quote=VFLfan]Definitely not a crowd maximising fixture.

The 2 tv finals both clash with their AFL teams.

Coll vs Haw on Sat arvo

NM vs Melb on Sun arvo[/quote]

Thats a huge surprise! LOL

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[quote=vfa]Actually why has Box Hill got a home final and not North Ballarat ???
Did Hook and Schwaby enjoy a luncheon there one time and want seconds or is it Peter Schwab's Hawthorn connection ?[/quote]Cannot believe these clowns that are running the VFL as I ask the same question.Why did Box Hill get a home final finishing 5th and North Ballarat 2nd missing out on a home final plus why Port Melbourne & Williamstown playing out at Box Hill.I think that game should have been at Visy Park on a Sunday afternoon or a night Saturday final at Werribee with both grounds being closer to both clubs.I think these pair being ex Hawthorn people swayed their decision.They are no better that that idiot Ken Gannon who was running the show a few years ago.

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What are the TV games ?


Northport I'll tell u what has changed....willy have started their development and would have begged the vfl to play at box hill. Let's hope it doesn't rain. Last time I went to box hill I did 5 laps of the ground looking for a park. And this was only the first half of the 2s game!!
Willy start hot favourites but port will throw everything at them.

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Visy park is being used on Saturday and Sunday for the TAC cup finals

Sod all parking at Box Hill other than a few parks behind the crickets nets...but other than that I don't mind the ground...lucky I'll be getting there around 9am so hopefully parking won't be a problem

Some strange ground scheduling decisions...I can understand Williamstown not wanting to play a final at Port Melbourne...after all they finished on top...but surely North Ballarat deserve one..

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Werribee under lights for the Williamstown v Port game or even a day game there would have been better logic. The roosters should have played at home for finishing second. They have more right than Box Hill to stage a home final.
The roosters will be playing Casey minus Brad Miller who be playing for Melbourne on the weekend. Will be a huge loss for Casey where the roosters will have a much stronger team if they get straight to the Prelim with the like of Aaron Edwards who has hit form returning.
Box Hill will flog Bendigo who might only have half a team if the loss to Sandringham is any indication. Hoping Preston can fix up the filth (good riddance)and Hawthorn can destroy the afl filth (hopefully it to be the first of three straight losses).
Williamstown v Port clash will be a beauty and no holds barred. Will be a great game for the VFA's two oldest clubs. Could easily be a Grand Final preview with the exception of one stumbling block called North Ballarat.
Williamstown will start warm favourites on Saturday but Port cannot be underestimated.
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Meet up at the Blackburn Hotel before the game for a few ales and counter meal. Midday sounds good. A good mix of old Port Melbourne and Williamstown VFA diehards.