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Not looking good for the Borough. Lost Batsanis early in the first quarter, which has really hurt. Williamstown very disciplined and quality finishing around goals.

Robbo's stats shows that Port have big third quarters.. Well we need one now!


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3q time willy 14.12 to port 6.8


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I watched the 1st 1/4 and Willy were impressive...they move the ball very quickly..even in the wet, greasy conditions they were very slick...

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years


Well done to willy, port didnt seem switched on from the start,need to regroup for next week.Willy were just to good cheers jasonborough.

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How big was the crowd there at Box Hill?


[quote=BrekkyDJ]How big was the crowd there at Box Hill?[/quote]
not, the willy supporters could have got in on a family ticket.

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Brekky DJ,
just got home around 30 minutes ago. Big session at the Blacky after the game.
Crowd just ok.
Digs, I will be no worries for tomorrow and will be there in one piece.
Catch you for an ale or two to watch the chooks v scorps.


Sad for the game to be like that we dident play better enough throught all the 4 quarters, everytime when it was quarter time the players were just sweating so much it just shows how hard it is for them. We have to just keep running with the other side

It dident look like we where playing that bad, we were tackling well but we were letting them into free space which we should of not let them do that they dont deserve the free space.

At the end of the game gary seemed really upset and he said john baird said to him he was disgusted which I thought we were not too bad but once he said that, it sounded like we dident play better enough.

Wasent a good day atall to see, Only Port Melbourne and Frankston supportores know how hard it is for a stand alone club, but we can anybody its just that we have to fight and keep fighting for the rest of the game which we dident do.

I spotted higgans playing for willamstown who else do they want to play for Willamstown!? its just hopepless. There ruckman was obviosuly huge and tall, dylan did a good job on him.

A few of the times in the game a willamstown player grabbed and tackled a few port players around the head, and all I could hear is the willamstown supportores complaining, Which i cant understand its defently not rugby its football.

Great work by Dean playing his old side 2 goals is not bad, But he did some great work putting his face to face towards the willamstown player while grabbing his shirt.

Hopefully the borough can bury box hill next week and play better at teac oval.



I was stunned at the lack of support for willy. What has happened to there support base, has the alignments killed the club?? 90% of the crowd was port Melbourne. Was it just the venue???


[quote=burraburger]I was stunned at the lack of support for willy. What has happened to there support base, has the alignments killed the club?? 90% of the crowd was port Melbourne. Was it just the venue???[/quote]

As a neutral at the game I actually thought Willy supporters were of the greater majority. Maybe it was just where I was standing near the Willy race but they certainly had more to cheer about!

I thought Ayres got thoroughly outcoached, Hooper was allowed to exploit Cain all day and expose his defensive frailities. In the first half he looked dangerous and it was no surprise to see him finish with 4 goals.

Williamstown far too good, mainly due to their VFL firm of Johnson, Jolley, Little, Faulks, Davies, German, etc.

I reckon Port will struggle to turn their form around against Box Hill - although having that home ground advantage plus 12/10 rule no doubt will play its part.