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[quote=burraburger]I believe Valenti is under contract at Port for another year. So the SA clubs will have to come up with a fair bit of cash for both Shane and also PMFC.[/quote]

A verbal contract is not worth the paper it's written on !!!!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


I doubt its verbal Digs.


Well try borough!

I coudent of been any prouder on sundays game versing box hill, I was upset at losing 6 Senior players but obvisouly that happens in football which is normal.

All of them were our senior players and we have no back up like the aligned vfl clubs do they stacks of back ups for them.

As we had 6 reserves players in that are rookies we tryed out hearts out and I reckon we played great even with we losing by 6 points with box hill hawks. I coudent even be any more prouder of Port Melbourne as a stand alone club making the top 4 in 2 years competing with 12 or more listed Afl players all year. We played great this year I was not even upset as i thought i would be we where just really unlucky to lose those 6 senior players, all we did was tackle and running into space and manning up all day long, and just unlucky in the end. If we won that game on sunday I would of been laughing so much. I coudent think of any other club in the vfl getting this far as a stand alone club accept for maybe frankston when they start to improve for there club. I can tell how hard it is for us it was sad to see it as the last game of the year i always miss the football all this time. You tryed your best borough!! the borough still deserves to have shane valenti after having such a great year. We deserve him more we have only had him for this year and hes already won a listen for the borough!

Go borough in 2011!

Cant wait borough!!