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TEAC Oval under water?

I've just heard that TEAC oval may be partially under water :) It might be too late to move today's game, but should tomorrows final be shifted to Etihad?

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I'm at the ground now. It's pretty wet. They have had covers over the centre area but when they took them off it's still wet and muddy. Around the ground there is a lot of water There is a machine being used to try and mop some of the water up nut it looks like it's going to pelt down with rain later. The ground will certainly be chopped up for the seniors match

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North Port is not the groeund it used to be when it was one of the best wet weather gounds in Melbourne.The TBO seems to be suffering the same fate.Wrong grass?

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that's no ' under water"
this is Under water

How do I load that as an Image?