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Geelong vs AIS-AFL Academy at MCG(Friday)

Geelong VFL Side are taking on the AIS-AFL Academy team at MCG tomorrow at 4:20pm. It is a curtain raiser to Richmond vs Collingwood game. Gates Open at 4pm.


Geelong's team for game tomorrow

B: Ryan Bathie, Tom Gillies, George Burbury
HB: Andrew McLean, Trent West, Joshua Cowan
C: Steven Motlop, Mark Corrigan, Jaxson Barham
HF: Jackson Sheringham, Joshua Walker, Jesse Stringer
F: Nathan Vardy, Dawson Simpson, Casey Tutungi
Foll: Mark Blake, Simon Hogan, Allen Christensen
I/C: Jack Hollmer, Ben Raidme, Mitchell Cuthill, Tommy Maas, Anthony Biemans, Issac Baker, Anthony Elliott, Garreth Phillips, Beau Black (NSW)


AIS-AFL Academy 12-10(82) def Geelong VFL 11-15(81)