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The VFL Have there hands tied to be honest and it's not so easy cut as everyone thinks there is alot of things to consider.

Most of the grounds at that time have finals on them from other comps.

ABC also have a big say

Collingwood=no good worked in 1994-1995- as it had fences up in 2012 it doesn't work.

Toorak Park-Best venue the former VFA had for Finals=Can't have it other finals are being played there.

Port Melbourne Great venue but with so many games on it and if weather is bad like a few years ago then ground will be cut up.

Box Hill-Not much under cover seating...time to spend some money on the ground if you want finals to be played there in the future.

Coburg=same Boat

Lets get onto the promotion of the finals....I want to see the Age and Herald Sun newspapers get behind the finals and really pump it up not a pathetic little piece in the death columns either.

The VFL should bring out all the big guns and really pump it to death bring the crowds in.

Also the TV Jumbo screen would be fantastic it would be so easy to do but again they don't have the money for that stuff.

To the supporters of each club.... no use sitting on your ass at home watching it on tv we need you at the ground riding every bump supporting your team.

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[quote=vfa]Geelong v Bendigo at Casey Fields ????

They will attract 10,000 people to that ????

More like 250.[/quote]

The intelligentia at VFL HQ scheduled a North Ballarat v Bendigo final at North Port a few years back & televised it with a crowd of maybe 100 if you were generous. Meanwhile we played Preston (as they were then) at Preston on the same day, a great game with a BIG crowd that would have looked great on TV & been a good advertisement for the VFL. You can't predict the outcome of games, but you don't have to be Einstein to work out which game would be more appealing to supporters & viewers. Maybe the task confronting the VFL is more difficult than it appears to be, but common sense should come into it somewhere I would have thought.


Also to add fuel to the fire Port need to bring back another grand stand

and willy need more under cover seating

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[quote=StationHotel]Also to add fuel to the fire Port need to bring back another grand stand

and willy need more under cover seating[/quote]

We are very restricted in what we can do at Willi coz if the residents in Morris Street think there is the slightest chance of them losing any of their precious bay views then they will oppose it. They do pay a premium to live there & that is their right, but i do agree an undercover stand with seating & standing room on the Morris St wing would be desirable.

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Burraburger asked why North Port is sub-standard. Only one grandstand, no other shelter, needs more seating around oval, playing surface liable to get muddy.
This applies to other grounds too, of course, particularly the lack of shelter and seating.


I say it every year but the first week of finals I'd love to see played at four suburban venues - preferably the higher placed team's ground if available. ABC just cover a Saturday game as normal.

Then Week 2 and Week 3 at Port Melbourne, both days on TV.

We're lacking a seriously good VFL venue, unfortunately AFL Victoria have missed the boat a bit and a lot of grounds with permanent fencing are already booked by local competitions.


[quote=Robbo]Week 1- Qualifying and Elimination Finals

Week 4-Grand Final
Sunday 23rd September at Etihad Stadium[/quote]


Coburg has a lot of untapped potential, Cleary should be into the VFL/AFL council to try and get something done about an upgrade with the view to a VFL showpiece/GF venue.
Could be a diamond in the rough, you can tell in it's day would of been a great venue.

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Went to Coburg to watch the roosters crush them. Coburg City Oval has great viewing space all over the ground. The terraces in the outer are good. Agree with CUB that this venue could be made into a Grand Final venue if they spent the $$$.
At least they should have played the second week of finals there rather than Casey Fields. Coburg is pretty central with either the North Coburg tram down Elizabeth Street from town or train to Coburg. Any crowd from 5000 upwards you would good atmosphere during finals. Phil if you are listening out there get stuck into the council however hard it is. They did have second division finals in the late 60s at the City Oval. Of course the shinboners played home games in 1965 at Coburg which was a disaster.
The VFL has not many venues it can make them into Grand Final venues but I reckon Coburg would be one. They can easily turn it into a 15,000 venue. The Grandstand (half of it) must be fixed of course. Having yet another grand final at Ethihad Stadium alias Turd Dome ?? What would these clowns need a crowd of 4000 to say it is a no goer ? I give Coburg a tick for potential finals GF venue if they spend dollars and upgrade.

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I'd love to see (a fixed up) Coburg City Oval used for finals.

If I'm right, don't the Women's League have their finals at Coburg?