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Maybe just forfeit and give us the 4 points...It does get pretty chilly for us suporters up in Ballarat!


Forget the footy Burra, the Roosters are no chance of making the finals.
Far better off spending the day in our new TAB with a warm meal,cold pot and admire the 3 Gleaming Premiership Cups.
Back to back to back should now be the mighty Burras challenge.

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I'll be making the trek for the last round roosters v boroughs clash.
Taking the train with Mr and Mrs Blackrocker, Timeball, Tongue and Brekky DJ just like we did last year. Enjoyable day at Rooster land. Hopefully Rooster will have some hot tips so we can invest at the TAB. Meals and set up at Eureka with the addition of the TAB are very good. Even better if you back a winner !!

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Port Melbourne vs. Box Hill Hawks
Saturday 11th August
North Port Oval at 2:00 PM

Port Melbourne

B Brewer Noonan Sandilands
HB M. Johnston Pleming Pitt
C Scipione Baird Valenti
HF Hinkley Burstin Pinwill
F Bonaddio Galea Langford
R Skipper Cain Wooffindin
Int Dermott Casey-Leigh T. Allan
Bentick Wall Heath*
Thornton J. Purcell

Box Hill Hawks

B Cheney Gilham Duryea
HB Langford T. Murphy Litherland
C Hill Savage Bateman
HF Suckling Gunston Frank
F Wanganeen Pattison Puopolo
R McCauley Ellis Schneider
Int Andrews Muston X. Murphy
Post Ralph Mirra
Pratt McGowan* Tobin
Kelly Thompson Gilchrist


I'll def be heading to Ballarat again this year! Back on the game it's good to see Ryan Gale & Heath O"Farrell returning in the reserves. And obviously Bonna, Wooffindin and a few others straight back in the senior team. Just need the rain to piss off!!

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It's a good Port Melbourne side, even accounting for the disappointment of losing Sam Dwyer.

Bentick, Demeott, Heath, Wall and Casey-Leigh to go in as the Interchange bench.

Box Hill naming 13 to pick from on the bench!


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Please, George, don't bring Blackrocker to Ballarat. His attendance at games at Eureka Stadium causes The Roosters to lose!!! I didn't see him, but he must have snuck in to the Geelong game! I'll try to catch up with the various posters.

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The Borough got off to a great start, looking like the side that went through undefeated last year, but Box Hill were good in the second and third quarters and let until late into the last quarter, when the Borough managed to take back the league and hold on for a heart-stopping victory.

Port Melbourne 5.1 6.3 6.6 11.8 (74)
Box Hill Hawks 1.4 3.6 6.9 10.11 (71)

Port Melbourne: Galea 3 Wooffindin 2 Cain Purcell Valenti Pitt Scipione Baird
Box Hill Hawks: Pratt 3 Frank 2 Schneider Wanganeen Savage Jones McCauley

Port Melbourne: Baird Valenti Pleming Allan Wooffindin Galea
Box Hill Hawks: Murphy Murphy Cheney Schneider Thompson Muston


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Some telling goals in that time on period of the last quarter.
A strong lead and mark from Galea who kicked truly, while Wooffindin showed off some soccer skills kicking the ball twice in kicking a goal from about 15m out... And the Captains goal from Bairdy, kicking from about 45-50m out and slotting a goal.

Fair to say Ayres was less than pleased with a fair chunk of the game, absolutely ripping into the players at 3/4 time before the supporters and the rest of the support staff arrived. When the siren sounded he didn't hang around either. Hopefully the players take heed for next weeks game and we see a full 4 quarter effort.