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2012- Round 20 - Werribee Tigers vs. North Ballarat

Werribee Tigers vs. North Ballarat
Saturday 11th August
Avalon Airport Oval at 1:10 PM

Werribee Tigers

B Mangan Kennedy O'Dwyer
HB Wormald Hartigan Harding
C Gibson Greenwood Lynch
HF Warren Pedersen Speight
F Ross McKinley Castello
R Daw Adams Sierakowski
Int Sharp Purton-Smith Keras
Wilson Sullivan Sherlock
Martiniello Bolton Paliouras*
Tuck Treloar Mather

North Ballarat

B Greig L. Delaney Hoy
HB C. Delaney Searl Urquhart
C Richardson Sewell Schache
HF A. Edwards George McMahon
F Driscoll Black McKenzie
R Mabon Couch Austin
Int Mullett Giampaolo Conroy
Nicholls Evans Anthony
Jones Micallef Warren
Keeble Garlett Currie*

Wally from Will...
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Werribee 13.24.102 have defeated North Ballarat 2.8.20, that's a shellacking, 37 shots to 10, 82 points in the wet. Is it the end of the Roosters final aspirations?

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Werribee Tigers 3.5 7.10 12.17 13.24 (102)
North Ballarat 1.1 2.5 2.6 2.8 (20)

Werribee Tigers: Warren 3 McKinley 2 Castello 2 Speight Sharp Mather Sierakowski Ross Daw
North Ballarat: McMahon Edwards

Werribee Tigers: Ross McKinley Greenwood Wormald Sierakowski Mangan
North Ballarat: Delaney Couch McMahon Delaney Greig McKenzie


Wally from Will...
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Question for digs, Rooster, cobra scorer, etc : when was the last time North Ballarat managed to kick only 2 goals in a game?


Might be a blessing in disguise Wal, I cannot remember a more inept pathetic performance. If they had have made it they would just be making up the numbers.
Bring on 2013 !!!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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North Ballarat DL team won!