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The game rated really well. 64k on abc1. About double a home and away crowd average.

It's been a while since I have seen such big queues outside the ground.

Dillon has been such a great get for the Borough.. I can't recall the last poor game he has played. He performs week after week and deserves more praise than he receives.

The Woof! For a first year player, he has been one out of the box. He continues to improve and is now amongst Ports most important players.



Yep Dillon was at it all day, just works so hard. I thought Hinkley's speed around the packs was very important too. Port's all-ground pressure was incredible, there were no easy outs and it proved just too much for Willi in the end, who put up a very gallant fight and will be a definite finals chance as a stand alone club.

I think Port will need a bigger game from Bentick to win next week, he is a guy who can have a real impact at Docklands. If the outside runners can fully capitalise on the outstanding inside work they will be very hard to beat.

It was a really good crowd, I would have thought around 4000, and a good hard old-fashioned game of VFA footy too.