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Can anyone explain why Oakleigh dont wear Purple/gold & stongrays Red/blue

part of the agreement of these clubs being cut was preservation at U18 level - which seems to be in name only.


Unlike Oakleigh & Dandenong the Prahran club didnt fold..... the same company is the one in the amateurs now. Page 4 of 1994 GF edition of the Victorian Football explain's Prahran withdrawing from the VFA. Oakleigh asked to merge with Springvale but the Vales said no ... and were then kicked out along with the Redlegs.

I presume when Prahran re-launched its senior team Football Vic saw no reason to preserve the name in the TAC Cup and sent them align more closely with Sandy.

Surely some Oakleigh and Dandenong supporters would have followed (and volunteered for) the under 18 teams if the colours, nickname & heritage were preserved.

West Torrens formed 1895 (merged woodville 1991)
Port Melbourne formed 1874