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Worst in the vfl this year will
Be windy hill.


What about Collingwood ???

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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For Collingwood v N Blt last season only the tiny on-fence scoreboard was in use.
The new electronic board was not used. Its position would require most spectators to about turn to see it. It really needs a new scoreboard where the now demolished one was.

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I'm glad I'm not operating a manual (number plates) scoreboard these days with the instant kicking in after a behind has been registered. At Camberwell we had to try to watch the game at same time as putting up a behind in case another one followed very shortly after, as sometimes happened.

(OOPS, I had shotly instead of shortly.)

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Sandy are lucky enough to have 2 scoreboards ,one larger one on the Beach Road side operated by John for many years and a smaller but very efficient on the beach side operated by loyal supporter Doug.
So any position at the ground the scores are easily seen by the spectators.

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Sandy's scoreboard is easy to read and stands out. One of the betters ones.
The league grounds in Windy Hill and Vic Park have terrible scoreboards. They should have kept the old relic scoreboards. At least they wwere easy to read and were real scoreboards unlike the crap efforts with their current scoreboards.

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Here is a picture from one of the Port supporter groups showing the progress of the scoreboard upgrade.

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@vfa victoria park has a digital scoreboard now

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The Victoria Park digital scoreboard was not in use for Collingwood v North Ballarat last season. Its position would require most attendees to have to turn around away from the oval to read the scores.

Slammin Sammy Says

Cobrascorer is right. The electronic scoreboard on the Bob Rose stand is located in an awful position where by spectators in the two stands can't see it.

I was at the Collingwood v North Ballarat game at Easter last year too and the electronic scoreboard wasn't working.
Also you can't have a beer at Vic Park anymore now that the fence has been removed.

Borough boy 2
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Port Melbourne is in the 21st century with a new digital scoreboard, it looks nifty