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Geelong VFL list finalised...

Numbers and Interchange Clubs):
50- Dom Gleeson (Koroit)
51- Troy Selwood (Newtown & Chilwell),
52- Jack Hollmer (Lara),
53- Jaxson Barham (Lorne),
54- Piers Flanagan (Newtown & Chilwell),
55- Jai Sheahan (Newtown & Chilwell),
56- Mitch Fisher (South Barwon)
57- Mark Corrigan (South Barwon),
58- Robert Condy (St Mary’s),
59- Tom Maas (South Barwon),
60- Matthew Sully (Newtown & Chilwell),
61- Ben Raidme (South Barwon),
62- Daniel Measures (Queenscliff),
63- Zak Sherman (St Mary’s),
64- Andrew Banjanin (St Mary’s),
65- Daniel Gibbs (Queenscliff),
66- Ryley Hall (Grovedale),
67- Tom Gribble (Geelong West-St Peter’s),
68- Ben Capra (St Joseph’s),
69-Dane McFarlane (Modewarre),
70- Mitch Herbison (South Barwon)