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Billy take it easy no need to ad the easily in the last sentance of yruo last post where you said - and Port easily in the GF.

You guys have good memories going back to the 50's. and you also make me feel young :D

37 times Grand finalists
16 times premiers
21 times runners up - THE MIGHTY BOROUGH!

I'LL BE PORT UNTIL I'M DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Great crowd for the Williamstown v Moorabbin clash.
I have been to the Lakeside Oval a few times for night games.
Watched Coburg play East Perth. Richmond play collingwood in 1977 followed bt St Kilda v Carlton with Peter McKenna in a Carlton jumper.
Would have had a few dark spots and rumour has it a few fists in the dark went flying.
1957 was a few years before I stepped foot on this earth.
Billy did Moorabbin have a bit of a following back then ?
They had a good record between 1957 to 1963.
Must have built a good rivalry with Port and Williamstown as well as Sandy in those years they were up there.


Moorabbin had a fair following not a big as you would expect and the Sandy v Moorabbin games esp at Beach Road oval quite often drew 10,000 +

The first year of the VFA night games had a novelty effect and many of the people going to those games would have been VFL supporters and VFA supporters from other clubs ( Port and Willy were the biggest drawing teams in that era along with Sandy and Oakleigh - when both were winning) just to see what night football was all about and as you can see The AGE gave a very good coverage as well unlike todays pathetic effort by the two daily newspapers

Its one of the reasons I gave up buy either of them a long time ago.