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NEAFL East vs TSL State Game (June 8)

The NEAFL East vs TSL State game will be played at Skoda Stadium, Homebush on Saturday June 8 at 10:05am as a curtain raiser to GWS Giants vs Geelong AFL Game.

Both teams are coming off big losses in 2012 TSL to VFL by 109 pts at Blundstone Arena and NEAFL East to NEAFL North by 145pts at Southport.

Here are the Current Squads

NEAFL East Conference
Belconnen: James Bennett, Matthew Lokan, Simon Curtis, Andrew Dess, Josh Heggarty
Eastlake: Chad Gibson, John Van Muers, Matthew O'Dwyer, Aaron Bruce, Aaron Wiles
Ainslie: Josh Bennett, Simon Horner, Aaron Vandenberg, Marcus Crook
Sydney University: Timothy Barton, Adam Campbell, Matt Clarke, Ryan Bottin-Noonan, Tom Ayton
Hills Eagles: Jamie Vlatko, Amon Buchanan, Trent Stubbs, Damian Bonney
Tuggeranong: Brent Macleod, Liam Greenwell
Queanbeyan: Jeremy Kirkwood, Steven Joliffe, Toby Conroy, William Griggs, Kaine Stevens

Burnie: Dylan Smith, Darren Banham, Brad Harvey, Rudy Barrett, Claye Hardy, Nick Walters, Harry Walters, Clint Riley, Rohan Baldock, Jason Laycock, Tyrone Morrison, Nick McKenna
Clarence: Alex Gilmour, Matthew Drury, Brady Jones, Jake Cox, Jeromey Webberley
Devonport: Aaron McNab, Quade Byard
Glenorchy: Luke Potter, Jaye Bowden, Brayden Webb, Ben Reynolds, Michael Paul
Hobart: James Charlesworth
Lauderdale: Kaine Waller, Bryce Walsh, Michael Cassidy, Jack Siggins, Jim Dunham
Launceston: Sonny Whiting, Jordan Harris, Nathan O’Donoghue, Josh Woolley
North Hobart: Jesse Wells, Nick Gill
North Launceston: Taylor Whitford, Mitch van den Berg, Sam Carins
South Launceston: Zane Brown, Jay Blackberry, Jobi Harper, Mitchell Thorp, Mitchell Hills, Bart McCulloch

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Aamon Buchanan ex Swans for NEAFL east.
Mitch Thorp can play but unfortunately did not get the best out of his ability.
Jason Laycock another well known name from Essendon.
Tassie will win this game quite comfortably.


Tasmania 15.11 (101)
NEAFL Eastern Conference 8.13 (61)

Goals: Mitchell Thorp 6, Bart McCulloch 3, Sonny Whiting 3, Jay Blackberry 2, Brady Jones 1
Best: Bart McCulloch, Mitchell Thorp, Nick McKenna, Samuel Carins, Jaye Bowden, Darren Banham

Goals: Josh Bennett 4, Andrew Dess 2, William Griggs 2
Best: Kaine Stevens, John Van Meurs, Matthew O’Dywer, Timothy Barton, Aaron Vandenberg, Williams Griggs