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2013 - R17 - Frankston v Casey

Frankston vs. Casey Scorpions
Sunday 11th August
Frankston Oval at 2:00PM

B Newman J. Irving Dermott
HB Purcell Clark Jennings
C Cass Hockey Miller
HF Buchan Simpson Pongracic
F C. Irving Lourey Lloyd
R Gabriel Kitchin Potts
Int Williams Edwards Matheson
Alwan Gardiner* Bosward
Haretuku Delahunty Boland

Casey Scorpions
B J. Tynan Panozza Sellar
HB L. Tynan Macdonald Jetta
C Bail Blease Nicholson
HF Best Smith Page
F Taggert Lang Rodan
R Gawn Magner Toumpas
Int Corry Muir* Hughes
Barry Matthews Hill
Nicholls Boland Riseley

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Not beyond the Dolphins. I reckon they can cause the upset in the derby!


Big Jablonski

And with the added spur of the Scorps "resting" jesse hogan because young fit atheletes need a break and what a better time than playing Frankston. Hope it bites you on yhe arse big time.

Have belief for the path to victory has been well worn however seldom do we arrive at the destination.

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Dolphins will win again and keep the September dream alive.

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After a slow start with the breeze, Frankston fought very hard for two quarters to keep their season alive. The 7.3 to zero third quarter was the equal of anything I've seen from them all season.....which makes the final quarter capitulation absolutely mind-boggling!!

To surrender 9.5 in the final quarter on your home paddock is just not good enough when you have your entire season's work on the line. To make it all the more agonising to watch, it encapsulated everything that has cost Frankston success over the years. Indecision, lack of teamwork, and worst of all....a complete lack of discipline. 50-metre penalties, free second kicks at goal, lackadaisical disposal in the name it, they did it.

After such an entertaining season, this was a massive black spot. Hopefully we can finish off with some disciplined footy and give the club a boost going into next season.....instead of dishing up this crap!