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AFLV Development League 2nd Preliminary Final Box Hill Hawks vs Northern Blues(Sun)

B Thompson Wilsen Weekes
HB McDonald Boseley Brand
C Johnson Wood Crocker
HF Exon Frank Cust
F O'Brien Retzlaff Collins
R Post O'Donnell Graham
Int(from) Cassidy Papadopoulos Pell Cunningham Stewart Eade Miles Northe Goodwin

B Posar Currie D.Watson
HB Dirago Valladares McDonald
C Lincoln Jenkins Bonaddio
HF Totevski Clark Soncin
F Dufficy Visser Dorman
R Meese Ballard Taglieri
Int(from) Coulson Petroro Gleeson Drew Marchbank Delahunty Cattapan Toman Yelland

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Going to be a ripper this game, Box Hill look strong, Northern by 5 points