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And the gates at Frankston are locked at night when the fire occurred.


So they may have burnt down long before that if the fence wasn't there to make it harder to get in I would have thought.



The fence has never made it hard to get into the ground! Public footy grounds should be open to the public during the day, and I haven't heard a good reason why North Port should be any different to other similar grounds.


Victoria Park is open to the public. Before Bendigo Gold's game there last year, people were walking dogs on and around the oval, and during the game we noticed a guy in running gear, iPod in his ears, doing laps through the crowd. LOL

There is no reason to lock people out of the ground. I am sure if it went ahead, the council would stamp up for extra security cameras etc as part of the deal. The PMFC should be stringing this along for all it's worth and get the best deal before they get nothing.

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Theirs other footy grounds in the area for people who want to have a kick. Fence should be up for a few reasons including the potential of damaging the surface of a semi professional football club ground. The sharks and the borough should keep their fences and people can have a kick at other port ovals if they wish. It is not like the area is overflowing with kids playing sports in the park.

The days of port kids playing in the streets and parks are long gone, they are too busy playing on the internet and video games. If parkland overcrowding was a issue then perhaps this issue would be more balanced towards opening the gates.

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It's a public park, the fences can stay up but the gate should be open for people to use during the day. Without owning the site or paying a lease at commercial rates I don't see Port have a case for not allowing public access.

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I have no problem with the gates (and extra gates) being open from say 6am to 7pm outside of of a couple of hours of game times, but when it's not daylight, I can see a real possibility of fire / vandalism etc.



I played at Port on Saturday and noticed the soap factory is now knocked down and will make way for a school. Probably another reason why the government wants those gates open!