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Imagine if Geelong Westbwas still in the Vfa in 96 when the North Ballarat roosters joined. Would they changed there mascot?

As Geelong west & North Ballarat were both in the Ballarat Footy league back in the day. We're they both called the roosters way back then digs?


Geelong West dominated the Ballarat Football League after joining the newly structured A grade comp in 1946.
North Ballarat or North City were reformed after the war but were only allowed entry into the B grade comp.
After winning 2 premierships in 1946 & 1948 with a couple of runner ups were granted entry along with Daylesford into the A grade in 1952.
Geelong West were very dominant from 1952 onwards until joining the VFA at the end of 1962.
Nicknames were not really in vogue in those days but some names used for Geelong were the Baysiders, Seasiders & Seagulls.
North City were known as the Magpies until joining the A grade when they had to change their name because Maryborough were also called the Magpies.
The original catch cry was "Cock of the North" which was shortened to the Roosters.

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