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Are you serious bullants! Mirra plays more than a minor role. Capt of premiership team. Top 3 in B & F in last 3 years isn't to bad in one of the strongest clubs. Kept Stack goalless Vs WAFL last year. A certain selection I think! Have you seen many games of BH on last 3 years? Saad never got a kick on him!



Anyone from Roosterland deserve a game Digs?


Very few Burra, Michael Searl should get a game & maybe Lauchie George. There are a couple of good kids but maybe a little early although they did opt for Dean Towers a couple of years ago.
There won't be many vacancies by the time they pick all those Port champions.
Is this Bonna's year after all those standout games so far.
Hope so !!!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Lachie George should get a game and bust open a few packs.
Searle can play back or forward and would be a good choice.


Yeah true, I'd be looking at sending out the Port side with a couple of top ups. Especially with the game being played at the holy Grail. Don't be late if you're thinking about attending as the Borough 2s are playing in the curtain raiser.

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Wow, VFL squad announced, but not in print form. I do not want to listen to over 10 minutes of talk, I want to see the squad, in print.

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Still not available. Extremely poor by VFL. Does anyone have it in readable form?

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Two players known to be in VFL squad, Bendigo's Alik Magin and Coburg's Lech Featherstone.

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Nick Rippon is Roosters' sole representative in the Squad.