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2014 AFL International Cup

The tournament will run from August 10 to 23 with 18 men's teams and 7 women's teams

SUNDAY AUGUST 10(All matches at Royal Park, Parkville)
McAlister Oval
(Women)Ireland vs Fiji at 9:30am
Ireland vs Fiji at 11:30am
Nauru vs Indonesia at 1:30pm
Great Britain vs France at 3:30pm
Ransford Oval
Tonga vs India at 9:30am
(Women)Tonga vs Canada Midnight Suns at 11:30am
South Africa vs Pakistan at 1:30pm
Papua New Guinea vs Japan at 3:30pm
Western Oval
USA vs Finland at 9:30am
New Zealand vs Sweden at 11:30am
(Women)Canada Northern Lights vs USA Freedom at 1:30pm
Canada vs China at 3:30pm

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 13(All matches at Royal Park, Parkville expect 1)
McAlister Oval
(Women)Ireland vs Tonga at 11:30am
Sweden vs Finland at 1:30pm
USA vs Canada at 3:30pm
Ransford Oval
(Women)USA Freedom vs Canada Midnight Suns at 9:30am
Nauru vs Great Britain at 11:30am
Ireland vs France at 1:30pm
Fiji vs Indonesia at 3:30pm
Western Oval
(Women)Ireland vs Tonga at 11:30am
Sweden vs Finland at 1:30pm
USA vs Canada at 3:30pm
Linen House Centre,Seaford
New Zealand vs China at 12:30pm

SATURDAY AUGUST 16(Community Round)
Queen Elizabeth Oval,Bendigo
Ireland vs Nauru at 5:15pm
Koonung Reserve,Bulleen
Great Britain vs Fiji at 11:40am
Diggers Rest Reserve
France vs Indonesia at 12pm
St Marys Oval,Geelong
Papua New Guinea vs South Africa at 12pm
Elgar Park,Box Hill
Tonga vs Japan at 11:40am
Highgate Reserve,Craigieburn
India vs Pakistan at 4pm
Montrose Reserve
New Zealand vs USA at 12:30pm
Ben Kavanagh Reserve,Mordialloc
Canada vs Sweden at 11:45am
Eureka Stadium,Ballarat
China vs Finland at 11:10am
Plenty Park
(Women)Ireland vs USA Liberty at 2pm
Kings Park Reserve,St Albans
(Women)USA Freedom vs Tonga at 4:30pm
Mulgrave Reserve
(Women)Canada Northern Lights vs Fiji at 2pm

MONDAY AUGUST 18(All games at Royal Park, Parkville)
Ransford Oval
(Women)Fiji vs USA Liberty at 11am
McAlister Oval
(Women)Ireland vs Canada Midnight Suns at 11am

TUESDAY AUGUST 19(Mens Semi Finals all at Royal Park, Parkville)
Ransford Oval
1 vs 4 at 11:30am
2 vs 3 at 1:30pm
5 vs 12 at 3:30pm
McAlister Oval
6 vs 11 at 11:30am
7 vs 10 at 1:30pm
8 vs 9 at 3:30pm
Western Oval
13 vs 18 at 11:30am
14 vs 17 at 1:30pm
15 vs 16 at 3:30pm

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 20(Womens games at Royal Park,Parkville)
Ransford Oval
Canada Northern Lights vs Tonga at 10am
Canada Midnight Suns vs USA Liberty at 12pm
McAlister Oval
USA Freedom vs Fiji at 10am

FRIDAY AUGUST 22(Mens and Womens playoff matches all at Royal Park,Parkville)
Ransford Oval
13 vs 14 (Div 2 Grand Final) at 9am
(Womens) 3 vs 4 at 11am
3 vs 4 at 1pm
McAlister Oval
(Womens) 5 vs 6 at 9am
7 vs 8 at 11am
5 vs 6 (Div 1 Grand Final at 1pm
Western Oval
15 vs 16 at 9am
9 vs 10 at 11am
11 vs 12 at 1pm
17 vs 18 at 3pm

Punt Road Oval
Womens Grand Final at 2:10pm
Melbourne Cricket Ground
Mens Grand Final at 4:50pm


International Cup begins on Sunday at Royal Park with 4 matches on each ground.

Free Admission to all games at Royal Park, Linenhouse Centre(Seaford) and to Women's Final at Punt Road.

For those going to Nth Ballarat vs Williamstown game on August 16 there will be a game between China and Finland played as a curtain raiser starting at 11:10am

Men's Grand Final will be played at MCG on Saturday August 23 at 4:50pm (Curtain raiser to Hawthorn vs Geelong AFL Match)

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All the games on the first Sunday, plus the finals/play-offs will be video streamed.

The following women's matches will be broadcast on

Saturday 16th August @ 2pm - Ireland v USA Liberty at Plenty (Diamond Creek Footy Club)
Monday 18th August @ 10.30am - Ireland v Canada Midnight Suns at Royal Park
Wednesday 20th August @ 9.30am - USA Freedom v Fiji at Royal Park

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Ta, Robbo, for the warning of match to precede Roosters v Seagulls.


Anyone heading out to Craigieburn for Essendon vs Richmond match on August 16, India vs Pakistan will follow that VFL match at 4pm


Tomorrow (Weenesday) New Zealand are playing VAFA side Ormond at Elsternwick Park game starts at 6pm


AFLIC14 Practice Match at Elsternwick Park
New Zealand 6-16(52) def Ormond 3-2(20)

Played in very difficult conditions

Great to see Pete Holden there


Ormond 0-1 2-1 3-1 3-2(20)
New Zealand 2-4 4-7 5-10 6-16(52)

Goals: Ormond: Not Available. New Zealand: Simpson, Howison 2,B.Clark,Lubransky

Crowd: About 250 at Elsternwick Park

AFL International Cup starts on Saturday with Opening Ceremony at Federation Square starting at 1:30pm. Teams will then walk to MCG and do a parade lap before Hawthorn vs Melbourne game.

1st round of games are at Royal Park on Sunday kicking off from 9:30am

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A little surprising that result. I would have thought Orion's would have been more competitive than that.



Results of Round 1 matches played today at Royal Park
Pool A
Ireland 9-8(62) def Fiji 1-4(10)
Nauru 35-17(227) def Indonesia 1-1(7)
Great Britain 12-18(90) def France 1-1(7)
Pool B
Tonga 25-22(172) def India 1-0(6)
South Africa 23-22(160) def Pakistan 2-2(14)
PNG 24-19(163) def Japan 1-0(6)
Pool C
USA 27-17(174) def Finland 0-1(1)
New Zealand 24-18(162) def Sweden 0-0(0)
Canada 19-5(119) def China 0-1(1)

Ireland 10-7(67) def Fiji 1-0(6)
Canada Midnight Suns 4-7(31) def Tonga 1-1(7)
Canada Northern Lights 8-13(61) def USA Freedom 1-1(7)
Bye: USA Liberty

Round 2 matches will be played at Royal Park on Wednesday starting at 9:30am plus NZ will play China at Linenhouse Centre in Seaford at 12:30pm

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Er, pool C, USA 27.17 = 179, not 174.

Saturday's match, China v Finland, is shaping up to be a thriller.