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2014 R16 - Richmond vs Port Melbourne

A good crowd at Punt Road Oval given the wet conditions

The Borough were far too good at one stage in 2nd and 3rd Quarters had 20 out of 21 scoring shots

RICHMOND 3-2 4-2 6-2 8-7(55)
PORT MELB 2-2 5-11 10-17 13-19(97)

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A very enjoyable game to watch on replay, Port handled the wet conditions really well. Particularly in comparison to the Footscray game where the Borough were up against a similarly tall side.

I thought handball and kicking skills were much improved and the link up play was as good as I have seen it from Port during stages of Saturday's game.

The crowd wasn't huge, but due to the limited options to watch the game, the atmosphere was pretty good in front of the Jack Dyer stand.

I think Ayres mentioned it during the coaches report but Robinson and Waddell both played well, more so around the ground than in the ruck duals, but were competitive.

There has been a lot of talk about Ports forwards, but it's the back line that is really looking good. Sandilands has been very solid, slotting in as though he hasn't missed a game, Noonan was amongst the best and Pleming just keeps on keeping on, as the general in defence.

And full credit to Richmond for the guard of honour. It was great to see the respect from the tigers and they should be congratulated.

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I should also mention I got a good laugh out of the ABC wrap-up iincluding the commentary team scoffing hot dogs as an outtake. The half time specials this year have been a great inclusion in 2014.


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Yes well done to Richmond - I thought the crowd was very good. The stand was just about full and nearly all the area under the stand was pretty packed.

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