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3 quarter time.
Port 13.16.94
Casey 6.4.40


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Port Melbourne 4.5 10.11 13.16 23.18 (156)
Casey Scorpions 3.2 3.2 6.4 7.6 (48)

Port Melbourne: Connors 5 Lange 4 O'Sullivan 2 Johnson 2 Pinwill Mascitti Sandilands Thornton Johnston O'Sullivan Davies Wooffindin Bonaddio Magner
Casey Scorpions: Fitzpatrick 2 Salem 2 Davis Best Smith

Port Melbourne: Lange Pinwill Wooffindin Valenti Connors O'Sullivan
Casey Scorpions: Rutherford Harmes Morris Salem Fitzpatrick Georgiou

Toby Pinwill would have to be in with a real show of winning the JJ Liston this year.

I thought Casey looked alright early on, but from there, Port's hand and foot skills really shone. In two quarters of footy, the Borough were able to restrict the Scorpions to just 1 goal (2nd and 4th quarter).

And in the DL match:
2014 AFL Victoria Development League

Port Melbourne 1.4 9.10 16.13 21.20 (146)
Casey Scorpions 3.5 3.6 4.9 4.10 (34)

Port Melbourne: Prowse 6 Rowe 3 Clarke 3 Breust 2 Hogan 2 Henderson Hayes McKenzie Woods Scipione
Casey Scorpions: Fisscher 2 Collins Corry

Port Melbourne: Muling Prowse Prowse Hayes Johnston McKenzie
Casey Scorpions: Fisscher Jackson Anderson Pears Smith Corry