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Looking forward to this clash,will be heading down to this game prior to the Doggies vs GWS at Etihad. Being a Doggies AFL supporter I suppose I have to slightly favour them,but not really fussed who wins this game. Great to see a VFL finals game at Footscray and looks like a fine weekend ahead too.

Wally from Will...
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Book now, avoid regret: Gordon
26 August 2014 12:56 PM

After a dramatic finish to the VFL season, where Fletcher Roberts kicked a 60 metre bomb after the siren to give Footscray a three point win, we’ve secured the right to host the first final of our VFL finals campaign.

As a result of this significant achievement, the Club has decided it will underwrite the game.

We are rapt with the return of blockbuster football to the Whitten Oval.  But, excitement aside, the home final requires us to consider some practical changes.

VFL FINAL: Buy tickets now. All the information you need to know ahead of next Sunday's home final against Williamstown.

The ground has changed.  Large chunks of it, including the banks of the eastern pockets, the area formerly known as the Smith Stand, and the area now occupied by the Elite Learning Centre, are no longer available as standing room.  There’s a triangle of seats at the southern end of the Whitten stand where the view of the Geelong Road end is obscured by the building which now connects the Gent and Whitten stand.

By our calculations, total capacity will be no more than 10,000 to 12,000 people; and seating capacity...after we make a few running repairs..... might stretch to 2,500.

So if you want to see our Footscray team playing in a VFL final...the first VFL final to be played at the Whitten Oval; the safest thing to do is to pre-book.  You can reserve admission. 

Demand has been strong, and we may sell out all 10,000 admission tickets before game day.

The ground will be fenced and catering in the outer, toilets and security will be provided.  Legends of the club will be there for the occasion.

Don’t risk missing out.  Go online to the club’s website to pre-purchase your ticket. Rain, hail or shine, we play, the Whitten Oval way.

VFL FINAL: Buy tickets now. All the information you need to know ahead of next Sunday's home final against Williamstown.


Are they serious? a sell-out? 10-12,000 people? pre-booking tickets for a VFL final (with an additional fee, no doubt, AFL-style!)? that would equate to most of the recent VFL Grand Final crowds ..... i'll be going to the game & looking forward to it, but pre-booking? amazing ...

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If the Doggies really get 10,000-12,000 this weekend at Whitten Oval,it will be chaos there. As facilities for the viewer are not that crash hot. Catering and toilet facilities(port-a-loos) will be a major issue,plus for the visiting team the clubrooms arent that wonderful either. Good luck to both teams and supporters on the day. I am guessing a crowd of 4000-6000 is more likely.

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12,000 they are in a dream world. More like 5000 at max


Its hard to say the WBs are pushing this game so maybe with good weather 8000 - 10,000 tops but I doubt if the ground in its current form would hold anymore

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Anything above 5000 would be a really good result. Let's hope they draw a big big crowd.


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2nd Qualifying Final
Footscray Bulldogs v Williamstown
Sunday 31st August at 1.00pm
Victoria University Whitten Oval

Footscray Bulldogs

B Jong Redpath Goodes
HB Pearce Talia Young
C Darley Tutt Greenwood
HF Dickson Roberts Hunter
F Cordy Jones Grant
R Minson Howard Honeychurch
Int Russell Fort Boyd
W. Hayes* Jensen Finco
Markovic J. Hayes Prismall
Perkins Jamieson Fogarty


B Fahey Critchley* Sing
HB Masters Mangan Carr
C Wheeler Jolley Davies
HF Banner Clouston Anastasio
F Ferguson Meese Johnstone
R Tighe Marcon Lambert
Int Gibbons Bese McCallum
Faulks Hetherington Conway
Bugeja Charleston Casley



Pretty ordinary crowd really at Western Oval maybe 4000 tops the ground would still hold a decent crowd by the looks of it and looks similar to the crowd at Collingwood yesterday.The WBs playing at 4.40 today wouldnt be helping either.

Officially it is supposed to still be able to hold 15,000 and I dont doubt that figure. Compared to North Port its a much bigger ground spectator wise.Still I bet its about 4 times bigger than at North Port today it stuffs me why the VFL play clubs miles away from Port when a home final would have been much better.

The only other VFA/VFL grounds to compare in size for spectators are Coburg and maybe Victoria Park.


Horrendous crowd at the Werribee/Nth Ballarat game. Maybe 300



Horrendous crowd at the Werribee/Nth Ballarat game. Maybe 300


As I said in a previous post just plain stupidity by the idiots at the VFL to play a game with these two teams who in any way dont have much support at Norht Port

Drove past Western Oval about an hour ago 5000 tops but could fit in another 5000 easily.