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burraburger wrote:

Horrendous crowd at the Werribee/Nth Ballarat game. Maybe 300

As I said in a previous post just plain stupidity by the idiots at the VFL to play a game with these two teams who in any way dont have much support at Norht Port

Drove past Western Oval about an hour ago 5000 tops but could fit in another 5000 easily.


Estimate from the radio commentary
was about 6500 - regardless, great to se the VFL Dogs supporters come out and see their team make their way to a prelim final first season back in the comp. The future of the club is looking good. #GatherThePack #GoDogs

Footscray Football Club - Back in the VFL in 2014


Ordinary crowd Billy? I was there and it was a great crowd the whole way around the ground. I'd say it was definitely in excess of 5K.

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I drove past down the Gordon Street off ramp and thought the crowd numbers looked very healthy. In excess of 5000 I would have thought and maybe into the 6's. The game against GWS only drew 14,000 so the Bulldogs should be very pleased. I was able to listen to most of the second half and it was a good call by VFL radio via RPH.

Hopefully Footscray supporters continue to back the team in the prelim and quite likely the GF.


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Crowd between 5000 and 6000. Good viewing from behind the goals old scoreboard end. The playing surface was excellent. Howling win where Footscray led 4.5 to one behind. The seagulls played well in the second quarter to lead 7.5 to 5.7. In the third quarter the seagulls led by 16 points and kicking against the breeze looked odds on. Footscray slammed a few late goals and led by 22 points at three quarter time with the seagulls kicking with the wind. It was not to be for Williamstown who missed a few shots plus the running players of the dogs led by Jason Tutt and Liam Jones who marked everything.

Footscray will likely play Port at Port in the Prelim final and with Footscray loss to GWS in the last game of AFL for 2014 will they pull some players from the VFL prelim like Melbourne do to Casey ? Is the incentive there ? Reckon if Port can get through Sandy they will beat Footscray. I know the dogs gave Port a toweling earlier in the year at Port but the borough will be almighty hard to beat next time around.

As for Williamstown they face Werribee who only had 3 AFL listed players today and on what I saw on the replay I reckon the seagulls will have too much class rain hail or shine which will set up a Williamstown v Box Hill Prelim. Much depends on which players from Hawthorn play for Box Hill and what the whether does on the day. A wet windy day would favour the seagulls.

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There's a photo of part of the crowd on Ballarat's The Courier web site.


5000-6000 is a fantastic crowd. Some people live in the past!

What happened in the game, looks like Willi wasted the wind in the last quarter?

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Williamstown kicked a few behinds in a row in the last quarter and Liam Jones was superb in defence for the dogs. The dogs had plenty of run left.

Footscray kicked a few late goals in the third quarter with long bombs that bounced in for goal. No excuses for the seagulls but they are good enough to give it a shake. They would be very disappointed with yesterdays finish. Crowd was good with excellent playing surface.



Ordinary crowd Billy? I was there and it was a great crowd the whole way around the ground. I'd say it was definitely in excess of 5K.


5000 would be absolute maximum
Ive been to the Western Oval many times when there were 6000 - 8000 esp when Fitzroy were there and the amount of space yesterday you would easily double that crowd and thats the sort of crowd I think the WBs were expecting then again they only got 14,000 at Docklands for the AFL team.


I reckon Footscray will play as many AFL listed players as possible as they would like to get a flag after going so many years without one.There last GF appearance was 1961 which lost to Hawthorn.Since that match the Hawks have one eleven flags and the Dogs None!
My feeling is it will be a Footscray (AFL seconds) v Hawthorn seconds final.
Port dont look like the team of the past few years and the rest will struggle against the AFL reserves sides.


Port are much better than they have been the last few years Billythekid. Box Hill were lucky to be that close at half time and then there midfield lifted and Ports faded. McEvoy & Grimley took some marks but they didn't do anything different in the 2nd half than what they produced in the first half. Quite simply there midfield won it for them, smashed Port in the clearances after half time.