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2014 VFL Development League Finals - Week 1

Port Melbourne v Werribee
Saturday 30th August at 11.00am
North Port Oval – Port Melbourne

Port Melbourne

B Vearing Wilsen Henderson
HB Gordon Dickson Plant
C T. Johnston Thornton Woods
HF Purcell S. O'Sullivan Hogan
F C. Johnston Clarke Pearson
R Prowse Hayes Muling
Int Breust Keogh Fanning
Raru McKenzie Anderson
Macmillan Woodley T. O'Sullivan


B Fairley Lang Hussey
HB Sharp Wormald Wales
C Robinson Gribble Maric
HF Davis B. Norris Buchanan
F Zumbo A. Brown Dale
R Jones Boag Iles
Int Jawad Henderson King
Burton Oshea Walson
Stretton R. Norris Wright
Auciello Unsworth AFL Victoria Development League Teams
Finals Week One
Williamstown v Box Hill Hawks

Sunday 31st August at 10.00am
Victoria University Whitten Oval


B Bese Hayes Deery
HB Walker Casley Charleston
C McCallum Bugeja McKenzie
HF Lockwood Conway Wyatt
F Gallucci Owen Woods
R Curtis Hetherington Gibbons
Int McConnon Bewley Mead
Bench Nastasi Greiser
Hoghton Flack Cashman
Adams Nixon Christodoulou

Box Hill Hawks

B S. Gibson Thompson Summers
HB Crocker Fisher Vizzarri
C Soccio Wood Exon
HF Lawlor Cassidy Cust
F Collins P. McEvoy Gordon
R Post O'Donnell Andrews
Int Carroll Evans Northe
Franetic Goodwin Bond
Miles Stewart Munks
Codd-Miller Papadopoulos Pell

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I'm working in the afternoon on Saturday, so will miss the main game, but I'll be there to support the Borough in the early game. Fanning returns from injury after several weeks off.


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Good game at Port to half time and then a blowout from there.
Port 20.9.129
Werribee 8.15.63

By my reckoning Sam O'Sullivan and Seb Henderson kicking five each. Fanning was good and got through the game ok.