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As for list discussion on the final episode of borough tv Gary has said he will be after some talls, another ruckman, a goal kicker and about 6, 7 new players all up. Will be interesting to see who they can retain and who will leave. Obviously the club recruited well last year but that counts for nothing and we will taking a few steps backwards if their is a exodus so player retention will be very important if we are to cement ourselves as a top club. Port People mentioned that the loss of Galea hurt us.




I think a big key forward would be a priority. They don't grow on trees though. Particularly if Bonnadio is gone.

I reckon they need to be looking for guys that want to be "long term port melbourne players".

I think even without Baird and Pleming (can't he be talked out if it?) the team has a good list though. It's more about replacing players that go and finding avenues to goal against the top few sides. That's not easy.

I hope that next year we get to play the Box Hills or whoever late in the season (but pre finals)


Retention of the current group is extremely important. Will be interesting to see if Ayresy can recruit some of those big bodied key positioned players he mentioned. It's not easy finding ruckman and 6'4" running defenders. Getting full seasons out of Rowe, Scipione, Connors and Eddy would be a huge upside.

Obviously Robbie Nahas will be on the radar if not offered another contract at North Melbourne and there has been talk of 2 of our 2011 premiership players returning.

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Scipione is a core group player and is definitely a required player. Eddy, well after missing the entire season, hopefully the fire still burns to get back amongst it.


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I watched my old team Richmond Central in the VAFA Div 3 GF on Saturday against a side called Northern Blues. Unfortunately they lost by 4 goals. There were 3 players that stood out from the opposition and believe me they are dead set VFL standard.
One has scintillating pace. One is a tall defender with great agility and poise. The third one an indigenous kid with huge skill, good leap and pace.
They most likely would have come from Preston Juniors who 2 years ago put in a side in the VAFA Div 4 where they won a flag. I don't know why Carlton idiots have to call this side Northern Blues as it should be known as Preston Bullants.

Anyway these 3 kids would be worth a punt as some improve in the higher level given a chance.


i was looking forward to watching Eddy, hopefully he returns fully fit. Personally I'd love to see Pinwill get the captaincy.



i was looking forward to watching Eddy, hopefully he returns fully fit. Personally I'd love to see Pinwill get the captaincy.


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Have heard Pinwill may be a playing coach at local level next year. Will be a big loss to Port Melbourne if true.

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Don;t tell me Pinwall will be gone as well. That makes the list of main players leaving to at least 4. I can't remember when the re-signing and recruitement of players was last year ? Anybody know when this happens ? I'd re-signing happens before November as pre-season starts then ?

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I think a few players have already met with the club to try and work out outs for 2015.

Don't rule out Pinwill staying on. I'm expecting 6 to 8 regular senior players to either retire or move away to local footy.

Ayres is a wonderful coach, and I'm sure planning for 2015 is well under way. The link with Oakleigh has improved and improved over the past 5 or so years and I think quite a few handy types will be lining up for Port if overlooked in the draft.

Players such as Sinclair and Waddell showed that there are quality footballers at the Chargers who could make a big impact at VFL level even at a junior age.