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AFL seconds sides get special treatment

I told you so.It now looks like the VFl/AFL reserves on 7 will start at 12 noon Saturday(the traditional VFA/VFL Seconds starting time in the past) its a shit time for TV and the fans with most of the public either working or out shopping.I dont see the 7 telecasts rating all that well in this TV wasteland time slot.
The 4.45 games wont be on TV No doubt any VFL fans will have to pay the full AFL entry price.

From the Hun today. THE traditional footy curtain-raiser will be flipped on its head next year, with Geelong’s VFL team to play a history-making “encore” match at Simonds Stadium.

Fans will receive a double dose of footy in one sitting with the Cats playing Footscray in a VFL twilight match immediately after the AFL game between Geelong and the Western Bulldogs in Round 16.

To ensure a fast turnaround, the VFL teams could run out as early as 10 minutes after the AFL match finishes.

The Simonds Stadium double-header is a win for fans in an era where traditional curtain raisers have gone the way of the dinosaur.

With the AFL match starting at 1.45pm, the VFL game will start between 4.45-5pm and finish about 7.45p

Slammin Sammy Says

Given that local footy is played on Saturday, I'm surprised 7 are broadcasting on Saturday not Sunday.

I guess Saturday is the day most AFL teams prefer for their reserves to play so that may have been a factor.

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So the follow on games will be free then that's not a bad thing. The gates will be thrown open for everyone to leave, or for VFL fans,to enter.