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CH 7 OB vans....

Seems that CH7 must have bought all the ABC OB vans for their VFL coverage, there were three at Willi yesterday


Are they Channel 7 crews that do the games or the broadcast company?

Wally from Will...
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McGuire Media? not sure what the arrangements are Paul

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I'll have to find one of the earlier posts that occurred around Round 1 where Footscray played Box Hill.

(The search feature is playing up on the site.. I'll look into that)

Yes I believe that the ABC broadcast trucks have been leased out for the season by McGuire media, and that (partly) staffed by former ABC employees.

I'll see if I can dig up the article.


Wally from Will...
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Good to see the drug cheats got belted in the AFL today, feel sorry for the players but not James (he's a special boy) Hird. The namby-pampy AFL boys mustn't have liked the mud & wet at Willi yesterday, very meek after half-time. And they had more people in their coaches box than there were players on the ground. God knows what they were doing, but it was VERY crowded in there.

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Sir jimmy hird your time is up. If you stay a spoon could be your reward.

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His 'supplements' regime has been an unqualified success, surely he must get the tap on the shoulder soon, the whole club appears to be a rabble - James can always go sit on a beach in France and count his money & think of Stephen Dank!


When your captain who is another favorite son comes out on the eave of his 200th game saying he dosent enjoy playing anymore its no wonder they got thrashed by lets face it a pretty ordinary team in St Kilda who are still a long way from being a top team.

Morale at footy clubs can be a very fragile thing and it dosent take much to drag it down.