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Wally from Will...
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Crackdown on regional football players' match payments could see end of country teams, clubs fear

Interesting development, if that happened to Melbourne suburban football there would be a few clubs ducking & diving, would still be VERY difficult to police, after all cash is KING ...


Not sure what the answer is but something is wrong when we keep hearing about players leaving statewide leagues for local footy for more money.

Wally from Will...
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Was told by somebody yesterday, who would be in a position to know, that a certain club in the northern suburbs of Melbourne where a few former Port & Willi players are now at pays out $500,000 in player payments each season. Also, another club even further north pays $100,000 to just two players, brothers, who both played AFL but a few years ago now. Compare that to the VFL salary cap & its not hard to work out why blokes drift off to suburban football once their aspirations of AFL are not realised. Thankfully some blokes still want to play the highest level possible.