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VFL R16 - North Ballarat vs. Northern Blues

Sunday, Aug 02
Eureka Stadium at 1.30pm

North Ballarat
B Lockyer Tippett Hoy
HB Kiel Boseley Mullett
C Warren Dumont Tsitas
HF George Keeble Nahas
F A Hooper Black Peters
R Stephenson Sewell McKenzie
Int Preuss Rippon Bacon
S. Hooper* Schache Anderson
Lanyon Marshall Staley

Northern Blues
B Watson Fields J. Roberts
HB Dick Foster Kilpatrick
C Strachan Walsh Viojo
HF Ellard Jaksch Johnson
F Wilson Watson M. Jones
R Aurrichio Walker Whiley
Int Dirago Walton Armitage
Bolger Ballard Cattapan
Soncin McDonagh* Murray

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Another 100 plus point loss for the Blues. Garry O'Sullivan packed the wrong jumpers forcing Nth Ballarat to change jumpers to avoid a clash.

Surely AFL Victoria can find a young go-getter to help out this aling rabble.

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What a joke they will be televised next week. It will be another miserable day for carlton seconds next week. Another hiding is on the way. They should be wearing clown uniforms.