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VFL R16 - Williamstown vs. Collingwood

Sunday, Aug 02
Burbank Oval at 2pm

B Mangan Faulks Critchley
HB Lockwood Currie Johnstone
C Wheeler Jolley Masters
HF Norton* Clouston Dunell
F Tighe Casley Anastasio
R Meese Banner Marcon
Int Gallucci Carr Sing
Owen Gibbons Charleston
McKenzie Bewley Hine

B Wallace Scharenberg Marsh
HB Young R. Pendlebury Sinclair
C Armstrong Kennedy Karnezis
HF Manteit Reid Goodyear
F Matheson Gault White
R Cox Moloney Blair
Int McKeown* Borthwick Gray
Blair Hellier Close
Taylor J. Williams Wallin

Wally from Will...
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Pies have Ben Reid & Jesse White up forward, will be a challenge for our defence. Also, is that Pete Hellier aka Straunie named on the bench?

Wally from Will...
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sweet .....

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Haha nice summation.


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Anastasio was outstanding for the seagulls with 5 goals and giving one away.
Best on ground by a mile !!
Willy finished full of run in the last part of the third and the final quarter.
Marsh was good for Collingwood as was Armstrong. Marsh should be at AFL level. Surprise he has not got a game.