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2015 -R19- Port Melbourne vs Frankston

Port Melbourne

B Clarke Cook Lange
HB Osborne Noonan R.Hogan
C T.O'Sullivan Wooffindin Tynan
HF Pearson Lisle Mascitti
F S.O'Sullivan Haretuku Van Unen
R Gilmore Pinwill Cain
Int(from) Mioni Urban Batsanis Dove* Keogh M.Hayes Toman Dickson Vearing

B Buchan Valles Gray
HB Newman B.Irving Tuddenham
C Cass Hockey Tynan
HF Harnett* Pollard Pickess
F Wilsen Gardiner Cavarra
R Bubb Pongracic Wood
Int(from) Ashcroft Douglas Soroczynski Bastinac Fox Sutton Jam.Hammond Clark Wilson

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Good to see Mioni in the mix to play his first game.

I haven't done the maths, but have heard if Port have a 108 point + win, and other results go our way that there is still some glimmer of hope Port can sneak into finals. I'm in New Zealand but will try and sit down to work out if that is really correct.

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Riley Hogan also rewarded a
With a starting spot this week after some stirring efforts against Footscray last week.


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North Port is that North or South NZ ? Looks spectacular.
Reckon Coburg will beat Casey which will set up a great last Round.
Port will beat the dolphins but how much they will win by ??
The old Port would win by plenty, this years Port not so sure if it will be big enough.
Frankston did do well against Coburg 2 weeks ago and went ok at home against Port. The borough to win by around 8 goals. Coburg by 4 goals. Other games Williamstown at home by 22 points. Sandy despite a few missing still have a reasonable side and will beat Geelong by 19 points. Collingwood by 6 goals over Richmond. Box Hill will kick a cricket score against Carlton seconds (not aussie batsman but more England's score). Essendon and Footscray will be close. Dogs by 5 points but no certainties.


For Port to make the finals:

-They need to thrash Frankston by over 100 and beat Collingwood at Vic Park
-Casey need to have reasonable sized losses to Coburg and Sandy, or at least one of the losses needs to be a big margin
- North Ballarat have to beat Coburg in Round 20

Good luck! It's not completely out of the question though.

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Port adelaide beat hawthorn tonight at the odds of $9. Anything is possible in footy


The difference in percentage between Port Melbourne and Casey is 173 points.

Eg: If this was the last round Port would need to win by 108 and Casey lose by 65 and percentage would be equal,

So in reality Port need a thumping win and Casey need to drop there last 2 games by a bit. Plus Coburg lose in the final round to nth Ballarat. Not totally out of the question but a lot has to fall in place.

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Once again much like your tipping vfa things have gone the opposite to what you have said. Smith century,Warner, Starc half century But the English batsmen struggling. I thought females were hard enough to understand, try understand this series.

As for port making finals I think it is fair enough to say that we don't deserve it due to some of the poor results we have had this season.

37 times Grand finalists
16 times premiers
21 times runners up - THE MIGHTY BOROUGH!

I'LL BE PORT UNTIL I'M DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah... Pretty brutal result today... Feel for Frankston, don't know how they're supposed to retain players with performances like that. Looked good for a bit in the third quarter.

Port... Ah well, even injury depleted we really needed to beat Coburg, Richmond etc. Always next year.

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Mega I am the kiss of death


The end of a wasted year for Frankston, heartbreaking to see how far things have gone backwards from last year. A lot of hard work from a five-year rebuild following 2009 has just gone down the drain, and the performance this year has only just been more competitive than Bendigo in their first year back stand alone in 2013, which is devastating. The good news is things can only get better, surely.