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Ron Burger
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Eureka is being developed for AFL football with AFL funds. It has absolutely nothing to do with the future of VFL football in the region. 

AFL Victoria oversee the VFL and TAC Competition, and I can tell you thy don't give handouts! 


Well they do, in the form of a pretty big grant each year and contributions to redevelopment works, but you're right in terms of bailing out struggling clubs on top of that. 


I don't know that they'll keep contributing to the clubs forever.


they don't contribute to local footy sides do they?

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The AFL put a lot of money into Frankston's new social rooms, but didnt bail them out of the financial quagmire they were in. They never have and they never will help financially struggling teams (except for AFL teams). Fair enough for mine. Footy clubs are like any other business. If they cant trade profitably then they die.

Handing out money to bail out a struggling club like Frankston would set a dangerous precedent. If they help one they would have to help them all.

Wally from Will...
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The AFL also contributed to the development at Burbank Oval, but i couldn't help thinking that the $1.2 million that the AFL paid Sting to sing three songs on AFL GF Day would have bailed Frankston out ...

Ron Burger
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......sadly if they believe Sting attracted an extra 100,000 viewers for the 20 minutes he performed, then he generates more GF advertising revenue for AFL coffers than Frankston FC will ever produce.

Its football in a modern commercial age. 


Hadn't really thought about it like that but you're spot on Burger.

A lot of things I don't like about the AFL, but I think the way they invest in assets that will help clubs become sustainable rather than throwing money after debts when clubs have been poorly managed is a good way to do it. The onus is on clubs to manage their affairs responsibly and present good projects for funding support.


Afraid I agree - the reason they pay big coin for sting/Lionel Richie/Ed Sheeran is because they bring in viewers, and that's money - and in accounting terms it's a simple investment. With the billions they earn in media revenue it's hard to argue that they know what they're doing.