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Roosters forge new rivalry

From Ballarat Courier

EXPECT SOME fireworks from North Ballarat and Tasmania - the Victorian Football League's newest genuine rivalry - in the Roosters' first home appearance of the season tomorrow.
While the traditional Ballarat-Bendigo sporting rivalry has occupied the top billing for the Selkirk Roosters for close to a decade, there has been a slight shift over the past few seasons.

As far as the public is concerned, there is still enormous emotion in a North Ballarat and Bendigo Bombers clash.

All you have to do is sit in the grandstand among Bomber supporters at the Queen Elizabeth Oval to experience that.

Out on the ground though, the feeling in a North Ballarat and Tasmania clash is becoming more intense each time they meet.

It is only natural, with each aligned to the Kangaroos in the AFL.

There is nothing like throwing "teammates" into battle against each other to bring out the true competitivenes in a player.

Roosters coach Gerard FitzGerald agreed that the North Ballarat and Bendigo rivalry was certainly not at the same level as it had been before the teams were aligned with AFL clubs.

Although he certainly believes there remains a strong regional city rivalry.

As far as Tasmania goes, FitzGerald said Tasmanian coach Darren Cresswell saw the Roosters as a natural rival because of the Kangaroos links.

And FitzGerald said there was certainly a lot feeling among players at Arden Street.