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Yeah, that's the sad thing, Hawthorn have complete control so the Mustangs they can't break away if the situation changes unless Hawthorn allow it, it was a lop-sided merger rather than an alignment really.

Ideally, if there is going to be absolutely no development league of any form, Box Hill should be permitted to enter an U21 team in the EFL. It will allow their football program to keep developing players who go on to either better things or to strengthen the EFL when they're finished at VFL level.

It will be disastrous if the devt league goes and there is no pathway to take its place.

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If the devoplemt League goes why can't Box Hill enter a devolement side say under 21 in the EFL ? They would be more than competitive and would fast track some of the kids playing against seniors and big bodies in the EFL. Sounds good to me.

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Lets hpe AFL Vic have an alternate plan for the clubs. Just having players going back to  local footy if they are not selected is really not a good option. The suburban leagues have points systems which may preclude some players from being able to play at all.

And what about the umpires? The DL is a good training ground for deperately needed up and coming umpires. I remember Eleni Glouftas cutting her teeth in a DL game at Frankston a couple of years ago and has since gone on to umpire an AFL game.

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Nunawaing comments have disappeared into thin air. My anger and rant was not towrads Box Hill or Hawthorn and it is towards the decision to get rid of the D.L which will have a massive impact on the pathway to VFL and AFL level and rob the VFL teams.  

Not naive at all just frustrated at where this is heading with the DL going. I would not have picked Box Hill to head the ladder after Round 14 mainly due to Hawthorn's supposedly spiral down the ladder. It just goes to show that they have a very good pathway and system in place.  

All VFL teams will be impacted in various ways including volunteers at VFL level, scouts, pathways and dreanms for budding young players plus also players looking for second or third opportunities will be lost. Even the local clubs would be impacted with points carried across as well as the week to week changing of players playing or not playing when and if avaialble.



No argument there George. No sounds reasoning for not having a reserves competition. The AFL teams have rejected farming their players out to different clubs yet it's seen as OK for VFL clubs?

Don't know how they're expected to develop their next wave of players, this will make it harder to be competitive and much harder for players who miss out on being drafted at 18 to reach the VFL and AFL.

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I don't think VFA's comments were naive.  Just reflecting what most people think

It's been a common joke with opposition supporters for quite a few years now about how Box Hill is really Hawthorn reserves. 

Changed their jumper

changed from Mustangs to Hawks

changed their theme song

At least clubs like Collingwood-Essendon-Geelong-Richmond-Geelong etc had the balls to do it themselves and go stand alone.

Yet arguably the most powerful club of recent times in Hawthorn plays this charade of calling its VFL team Box Hill.

It won't affect Hawthorn one bit when the Development League goes. All they'll need to do is get a small list of top up players as the above mentioned clubs do. They'll most probably still play games at Box Hill unless they decide to play at the new facility they're building at Dingley. If that happens, any reference to Box Hill will disappear completely.

be great if the aligned clubs could do what Williamstown were able to do and give their AFL partner the flick but it won't happen. 

i had some great arguments with Box Hill/Hawthorn supporters when I was doing the scoreboard at Sandy. One of their assistant coaches had a go at me for calling them Hawthorn.  I just hit him with the jumper/theme song/Hawks argument and he couldn't come back with a reply. Logic wins!

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years


I don’t think George’s comments were naïve either, I was referring to other comments.

I used to have naïve views about Box Hill before I went to the club. But once youve spent some time involved you can see that while the off-field side of it is undoubtedly all Hawthorn, in terms of football it is still a strong club with a very strong culture.

So many players have developed at that club and gone onto good things - think about guys like Gibson, Markovic, Mirra, Kitchin, Cross, Goodwin, Exon, Collins, O’Donnell, Van Unen, Wood etc - and that is testament to what a great footy program and culture the club has.

One of the big shames of the devt league going will be players losing access to a program like there is at Box Hill.

The next generation is coming through too – Evans, Switkowski, Jones, Brolic etc - and despite all the injuries Hawthorn has had this year I think the smart money would be on Box Hill finishing top in both grades.

Anyone who thinks the Box Hill list is just a bunch of top ups hasn't been paying attention.

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Chris Jones booted seven goals for Emerald in the second last game against Upwey Tecoma last year. A local kid who was given a chance at VFL devoplemt league level with Box Hill and has progressed to the VFL state squad. He acquiitted himself well. A rapid rise which would be lost to the likes of Chris Jones if they scrap the VFL reserves level.

I thin Reaper and co better have a serious look to what damage will be done if they go ahead and scrap the VFL devoplement League.

Not just Box hill or Hawthorn but Football in Victoria, opportunity and better preparation for potential draftees and prospects. Will be a very bad mistake thaty will haunt them and football in general. 


AFL Victoria board have ratified the decision that the Development League will cease at end of the season.

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