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AFL covers itself in s**t - yet again.

How about the AFL not conceding a mistake was made on Friday night when Rampe climbed the goalpost. That has been a free kick since cocky was an egg. Unbelievably the umpire closest went and asked him to climb down! And Big Dill has poked his head in today and called the non decision "practical umpiring" lol. What a moron...Practical in what way I wonder? Practical in that the umpire asked him to get down in case he fell off and hurt himself? Good grief...If they make a mistake just admit it. 

We are not umpire knockers on this site but something should be said about the three blind mice umpiring the Richmond  v Frankston game yesterday. Some staggering decisions were made, way past 'making a poor decisions", these were plain wrong. To highlight a couple...

Chol took a mark running backwards towards goal, with Miller right on his hammer and they both stopped after he completed the mark. He was about 3 metres forward of the mark and suddenly took off towards goal with the umpire calling play on and kicked a goal. He had to be taken back behind the mark - surely the umpire new that? Obviously not.

In the last quarter Newman was punched in the chest with enough force to send him reeling backwards with an umpire no more than three metres from them but ignored it. It was not during play - this was a premeditated strike after they both got up from a tackle.  Newy grabbed the player by the jumper to remonstrate and you guessed it, the free kick went to the Richmond player. Unbelievable.

The umpiring standard in the VFL has really declined in the last few years. Every game you go to it seems to get worse. None of the three umpires yesterday could bounce the ball, they hardly got one right all day between the three of them, but insisted on bouncing all day. Really bad look.

Something needs to be done. Its easy to blame the umpires on game day, but maybe they should be looking at the umpires coaches. Something is not working....



The rule is quite clear It was a free kick and 50 mts to Essendon.The umpires were 100% wrong and robbed the Dons of a chance to win the match,20

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We have work experience umpires these days.

I watched an early Camberwell the Oakley game not long ago. The ball was bounced at each breah in play,  not just after a  goat. There was not one errant bounce!


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It gets even more puzzling. $1000 fine for climbing to goal post despite the AFL saying it wasnt a free kick when its clearly in the rules that it is. Will file this one away with the 500k fine for Melbourne when they were officially found not guilty of tanking.

$10,000 for telling the umpire he talks like a little girl. Good grief...If an umpire is offended by player comments he has the power to award a free kick against him. If he is grossly offended, he can pay a 50 metre penalty. Umpire Wallace did neither. Why the 10k fine then? 

Gotta love the AFL...what a bunch of clowns.

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Well said James Bartel. Finally someone in the media with the guts to tell it like it is, and throw a few grenades at the bunglers Gilligan, Hocking, and the other clowns running the circus known as the AFL. Love it...

Wally from Will...
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no mention in that article of the fact that Bartel is a director of GWS, even though i'm happy he stuck it up McLaughlin and Hocking, he'll probably lose his media accreditation, that's what the AFL usually does to anyone who dares criticise the almighty