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Yes it is a short season but get around it everyone! No AFL teams! All standalone teams! All games where teams actually care about the result! I CAN'T WAIT! Go the Mighty Burgers!

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For the first time since 1999 we can enjoy an old style vfa comp with no afl involvement. 

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With no Northern Blues, might Coburg use Preston City Oval as a temporary home base?

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Great question BrekkyDJ.

Now that we've lost the 'battle of Bell Street', I think it would make a lot of sense. Trying to form closer ties with the Calder Cannons might also see them playing games in the region like at Craigieburn. 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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Highgate reserve was vandalised. Not sure if the ground will be up and running. If Coburg has 3 or 4 home games Preston will more than likely be one of the venues. Would be great if the old Gillon Oval Brunswick was used for a VFL game. North Old Boys VAFA play there and I am not sure if the fence perimeter has been opened up therefore no fence. Could easily use the ground for a game otherwise. Would be a trip down memory lane. Why note use Westgarth Street Bill Lawry Oval for a Coburg home game. That is one game I would definitely be there. Very nostalgic. Nothing wrong with the ground for a VFL game. Would be the first time it has been used for a VFA/VFL game since 1987.


Was at Gillon Oval 2 years ago for a cricket final,it is like Victoria Park now,all open with bbqs ,playground etc so no good for Coburg.Westgarth St would be a perfect fit I reckon,the surface is excellent but used for premier cricket so would have to be used early on.

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Watching an old home video the other night it was between Northcote Park and North Heidelberg 2003 at Westgarth Street. We were both there CGull as well as Filesy. The memories. Will send you some still shots tonight.
Would be awesome if Coburg played a home game there this season. Coburg have to play their home games somewhere.
Arthur J Spain colourful scoreboard as well as the housing commission flats in the background. Memory lane !!!


NAB League Boys

season to Start on August 22

12 teams split into 2 conferences of 6 teams based on Metro and Country

Grand Final weekend September 25/26 top of each conference will play in GF but all teams will play that weekend 

NAB League Girls who have already played 3 rounds

Season will recommence on August 22 

will play Rounds 4 and 5

Grand Final weekend September 4/5 with top 2 to play in GF but all teams will play that weekend

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What is the story with Coburg City Oval, is it not available this season ?

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They are redeveloping the Oval I believe Blackrocker. 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.