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Half Time

Perth 0-3(3)

Subiaco 10-4(64)

Ben Sokol 6 goals

update: still no coverage on 7plus app


3 Quarter Time

Perth 0-5(5)

Subiaco 15-9(99)


Game is being broadcast on SEN App (SEN WA)

Last quarter underway

Subiaco lead 105-5 6 mins last qtr


Final Score

Perth 1-5(11)

Subiaco 16-13(109)

Ben Sokol ended with 6 goals after kicking 5 in first 

Perry's only goal for match came at 17 min mark of last qtr


Today is WA Day

East Fremantle vs South Fremantle live on 7plus at 4pm Melbourne time today 

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Big thanks to Robbo & VFA for continuing to provde all the interstate information.

Much appreciated.



We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Digs, number 8 for souths nicholas suban ex roosters. How many seasons did he play with the roosters.  

Wally from Will...
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Is this our very own billy the kid leaving comments on the Herald-Sun website????


2 hours ago

The harsh reality is that Carlton have struggled when you could no longer simply buy a premiership - this is despite having a mountain of early draft picks.
Also, why are we still counting VFL Premierships when 45% of the teams either never competed in that competition or had very little time in it  - specifically when you count a re-located Sydney team and a newly formed Brisbane Lions (the result of a merger). We should start from 1989 and only count AFL premierships or go all the way back to the VFA  

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Sounds like Billy. Good points though. Agree with comments.


Play underway on a nice day at East Fremantle Oval

South Fremantle lead 7-0 after 11 mins


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