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Cheers Zebra - there always seem to be a big group who come along for the Sandringham games. I remember yakking to some of them back at a game at Nth Hobart at one of the Devils rare wins over the Zebs! Boags or Cascade? I have a liking for both!!
The Devils are a great part of the competition. Not only do they provide a missing link in Tassie footy, they provide a far greater audience for the competition through the broadcasts on ABC tassie. While it is apparent to all that the decision to align was a silly one, given time the club can rebuild and re-earn the support they previously had from the community. (I have doubts about the current coach though, but its only fair to give him a chance with some half decent talent) As for Tassie's funding, I think you should look at a few other VFL team's books before complaining about what you get Taswegian!
Thanks Paul - there are concerns about Creswell as I said time will tell, a bit of stability would be good!! I was not referring to the Devils specifically with funding - more football in Tasmania compared to other states - ie NSW and Queensland - I agree that the VFL clubs overall are underfunded = Cheers
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:D Started on the Cascade because first few games but have later really switched to Boags, but really very happy to taste either and the more we drink the better they taste so here's to Tassie beer, and the trips to Tassie are getting better each visit.. go zebs zebra :wink:
I can't quite get into the Cascades, or Boags, Other than the Cascade light, one of the few light beers that still has some half decent flavour, Back towards topic though, Tasmania, I feel get pretty well shafted by the AFL, they are more than happy to splash cash in NSW and QLD, but a football loving state deserves to have a place. The AFL keep making excuses, hopefulle the Devils following climbs back and they start getting the respect they deserve!
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[quote="taswegian"]Boags or Cascade? I have a liking for both!![/quote] Light beer - Cascade Premium light Full strength - Boags draught on tap, or normal Boags and watching your weight? Try Boags Classic Blonde. Damn fine drop. But back on topic, those players named for the Devils should help them add a bit of consistency to their season, Reading through those they have attracted a bit more talent than I gave them credit for.


North Port I agree with your findings - even as someone from the south of the state Boags Draught is my staple beer - with Cascade Light when the need arises. Iceman what is your liking for beers from Melb? I come over for a footy trip once a year with some friends; this year it will be in May .(will give the local beverage a crack) You have captured exactly what I was trying to get to with the funding from the AFL - hope Tasmanians support the Devils and the signings are OK
IMO the jury is still out on how good the Devils signings are. I don’t expect them to make the finals but I expect them to be more competitive and finish no more than 2 or 3 games outside the 8. If they finish bottom 2 again Cresswell has to be sacked. Any one tried Boags Wizzid Smith?
I agree - as long as they do not get thrashed every game as they did last year - people will go back. It is a crunch year for Creswell - spose that is the intrigue of footy: how the signings will go along with the locals Have not tried the Wizard Smith - have heard it goes well though
[quote="taswegian"]Iceman what is your liking for beers from Melb? I come over for a footy trip once a year with some friends; this year it will be in May .(will give the local beverage a crack)[/quote] To be honest, i'm not overly adventurous, usually stick to VB in a stubby, or Carlton Draught on Tap, don't like drinking beer out of a Can. Most pubs in Vic will have your VB and Draught on Tap. Been drinking a beer called Bee Sting lately, honey wheat beer, appartently similar to beez kneez by Coopers. Not sure if it's a Victorian or Interstate beer though. You can't go too wrong with a Crowny either :wink: