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Quite a few Yarraville players were reported in 1977.
David Thorpe, John Sharp, David Thorpe, John Sharp etc.

John Sharp was he banned indefinately at Yarraville in either 1982 or 83 ? Also copped a similar ban at the reincarnated Yarraville via Kingsville again in later years.

I am sure there would have been a few life bans in the very ealy days.
The reports from the Sunshine v Box Hill GF in 1986 must be a record of six for one club against nil for the other.
Peter Nicholson having four players reported for striking him must be a record.

The answers to your three questions Blackrocker are good ones. Might have to do some homework on this.

Which VFA player holds the record for...
1. Most tribunal appearances (Who would hold this record in the last 50 years ??) Not quite sure on this.
2. Longest Suspension period resulting from a particular game (John Sharp life ban ?? or banned indefinately ??) Would have seen some very lengthy bans in the early years.
3. Most aggregrated suspension time

A lot of things the umpires turnes a blind eye or missed a few hits. Imagine in today's footy how many reports youn would get in the 60s and 70s VFA footy ???


[quote=vfa]Which VFA player holds the record for...
3. Most aggregrated suspension time[/quote]

I read many years ago that Keith Ralph missed 2-1/2 seasons through suspension, which (based on an 18 game season) would have been about 45 games.

Keith did have a very short fuse and the other teams used to go out of their way to suck him in. A great pity because he was a fine player too. Because of his appalling record he was pretty much guaranteed 4 weeks minimum every time he walked into the tribunal.

I remember a very fiery Box Hill v Camberwell game in the late 1970s where a Camberwell player - I think his name was Graeme Barr? - copped 24 weeks for kicking Colin Cruse.

I'm enjoying this thread :) .


[quote=zebraman]you've covered some good ground there...

Brian Jones??...the pint size rover from Frankston??

Naaah....he wasn't a thug or a roughouse by any means

Glad you included Lyle Henricksen....for me, one of the toughest players ever

I can add a few more to what position they play....

Mick Thompson -Port Melbourne...saw him interchanged at Frankston one day and he belted Brian Jones at the interchange area

Kevin Goss...Port...what can I say

Bruce Gonsalves...Preston...

Jim McNamara - Dandenong...belted Sandy rover Bryan Williams from pillar to post one day at Shepley Oval...Hooker Harrison came off the bench and sorted him out quick smart

I must go back through my old records to drag out some more names[/quote]

Lyle Henrickson,
Would belt his mother.
There's a blast from the past. Came from Beaufort and was a fantastic player.
Was good enough th have played VFL footy in those days.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Speaking of nuts on the field what about Charlie Daniels.
Won the Discher medal for best seconds Division one player in 1980. He was tall with a skinhead cut. Lunatic on the field. Transfered to Mordialloc. Ended up with I think was South Wantinrna. One day they were playing Scoresby who were captain coached by Ian Bremner ex Hawthorn who could throw a fist or two. Daniels was belting players left right and centre. Bremner told his players at the break don't worry about Charlie as he will fix him. He sure did.
Then there was Wes Hillard from Oakleigh who king hit Luke Soulos in front of the Toorak Park faithful who went wild especially when the boys in blue saw this and turned a blind eye. This happended when the game finished and Soulos was approaching to shake hands with an Oakleigh player until Hillard cut loose. Any two blues supporters would vouch for this.

Those were the days !!!

The 1976 relegation battle between Sandy v Oakleigh was a beauty on and off the field. Plenty of stories there. I have about 45 minutes of this game on tape which was played in front of a crowd well over 10,000.
No doubt Zebra and Zebraman can recall this game pretty well. The Oaks full forward got decked a few times. Cocciardi from oakleigh with the Jackson five hairdo was swinging his arms wildly. Alfie Beus was ready to go for 120 minutes a game. No full forward had an easy game against Alfie even when they kicked goals. Very popular player at Beach Road who had a cult following.

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Yea that relegation game against our old foes Oakleigh "the purple people eaters" had the works.
That day in 1976 had as many brawls off the field as on the field resulting in the fence collapsing in the last quarter play stopped and watched the crowd brawling and Sandy full back Alf Beus reported for accidently running into a boundary umpire of which when the Honorary Commissioners viewed fresh evidence he was exonerated.
Sandy won and avoided relegation and along with Port Melb. have never been down to 2nd division.
One of the most memorable games ever.

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I was doing the scoreboard that day...the fence collapsed nearby due to a brawl in the crowd...

Ian Corner of Sandy certainly threw his weight around that day...

Some Sandy players who were pretty rough...

Goose Mackenzie

Terry Wilkins

David "Boofer" Pledger

I can't remember seeing him but apparently the Reverend Dennis Oakley didn't mind a bit of the rough stuff

Another one who I never saw was Gerry "monster" Callahan from Willy..

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

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Again playing Oakleigh at Sandy another really tough game and Colcott was giving our full forward The Rev. Dennis Oakley a real hard time as Dennis had to leave at half time to be best man at his brothers(yes Ross exVFL Chairman) wedding but decided to play 5mins into the 3rd quarter with the ball coming forward dennis grabbed it turned kicked a goal and then turned to Colcott and gave him a great punch on the jaw then jumped the fence at the Hampton end and straight in to a waiting taxi to his brothers wedding. It all happened as if rehearsed and Sandy won another tight game against the Oaks as many of them were. No charges laid either. Great day for Sandy.


vfa, do you have a copy of the 1986 or 1988 Div 2 VFA Grand Final? I remember in the 70's when Tony Said and Schroder played Seniors.

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Coachy I have the 1986 VFA GF. The last 20 minutes which was televised by ATV10. Eddie McGuire was the commentator.
For the 1988 VFA GF I only have some highlights which is from a tape that has all Oakleigh FC highlights. There is a tape of this game around as a guy called Denis Swingler who was an avid Oakleigh fan would have taped it from his camera.
Not sure of his whereabouts as he went missing somewhere in QLD about 10 years ago.
He would have sold a copy of this game to Oakleigh fans so copies would be floating around for sure.

Wally from Will...
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Wayne 'Roo' Muschalli from Willi wouldn't be out of place in that line-up, old timers claim Terry O'Meara from the 60's was even tougher, Jack Giles from Prahran and Shane Halas from the team formerly known as Preston used to go OK in heavy traffic also.