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Venue & date Changers for the weekend

Saturday April 16th
Port Melbourne reserves Vs sandy @ 10:30am at Warrawee park (oakleigh chargers ground)

...Sunday 17th
Port Melbourne seniors Vs sandy @ 2:00Pm at trevor barker oval

In other news:

Wayde skipper Is back from a injury

Corey is back but will be playing for the reserves

Stephen Brewer will have at least one more week off or so

Patrick Rose seems to be fine, But it will be still a 50/50 so we are not sure if he is playing on sunday, No Broken ribs, It was just bruised

Health from the reserves has a groin injury will miss out a few weeks

Go borough


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Last vfa game played at Oakleigh was an ABC clash between Springvale v Box Hill in the mid 90s. 11/5/1996 Springvale v Box Hill played at Oakleigh

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[quote=digs][quote=comeng]If the reverse fixture is played a TBBO Port will loose a home TV game which I think is unfair. Sandringham should find a suitable neutral ground or forfeit the 4 points. It is not Port Melbourne's fault that Sandringham can't get their ground right.[/quote]

Billy.....Any comments ????
The silence is deafening !!!!![/quote]

Good teams win at all grounds and in any conditions.

BTW I cant believe the shit condition the Beach Oval surface has become.Who would have ever believed a game could be shifted from what was one of the best surfaces in Melbourne?
Does the club or council look after the maintainence now?

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[quote=zebra]Many a great Sandy v Oakleigh (purple people eaters) was played at the Warrawee Park Oval in the past . The Oaks had a very good staunch following then , but we aren't playing them anymore.
Expect this Sandy Port Reserve game to be a good game also.[/quote]

The problem Oakleighs ground had along with many of the old VFA grounds like Box Hill,Preston,Coburg Dandenong,Brunswick and Northcote was that during wet winters they became absolute bog holes.
I dont think the todays players would have a clue how to play in those conditions and maybe wouldnt be allowed to anyway due to current O&H rules.