VFL - Victorian Football League
8% (5 votes)
VFA - Victorian Football Association
29% (18 votes)
ESSL - Eastern Seaboard State League
13% (8 votes)
EFA - Eastern Football Association
33% (21 votes)
17% (11 votes)
Total votes: 63

Maybe Another bastard AFL comp!

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Australian Failed League ? LOL
I would rather Eastern Football Association than the current name they have gone for.

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Seeing as McGilligan cant be bothered naming the new league, heres a suggestion.

LWNN - League with no name.

The new comp was announced in August and its almost December but still nothing. I guess the person in charge is the same guy who looks after the VFL website.


Yep the VFL? website is a disgrace for a supposidly professonal sporting comp!


I've noticed the 2021 Ladder has Box Hill, Sandringham and Casey listed twice.

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How about calling the comp McGilligan Circus FL. Number one ticket holder Bozo the clown.
Comp has no name, VFL website shocker, fixtures who knows when they will be out.
It's all happening NOT

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Fixture not until February I believe VFA.


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Hope they release the fixture in full when they do and not in block of 4 weeks at a time.