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Round 21 some great games

Round 21 has some interesting games. Footscray could get top 4 v Collingwood going for 13 straight. Essendon 8th in must win clash over northern blues. Richmond 9th playing against bogey team coburg. Tigers need to win and essendon lose to make eight. North ballarat v frankston spoon clash. Will be a willing clash with no holds barred. Box hill v casey interesting clash. Casey need a win for top two spot and possible home final if they decide to allocate. Plenty of hawthorn fringe players busting a gut for box hill. Port v geelong has plenty to offer for winner. Port a top four spot and even geelong in running if win and dogs lose. What a round next week. Willy only side to relax as have bye.


Heard Digs was at Eureka Stadium first thing this morning clearing some space in the trophy cabinet. 

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You are a STIRRER Burraburger. A wooden spoon stirrer ?

Reckon the roosters might scrape in against the dolphins and avoid the spoon.

Rest easy Digs I won't back the roosters as I would jinx them.

I might start backing Collingwood in the VFL so I can CURSE THEM !!!



That's  the third post from you in two days , marvellous what a win can do for you to bring you all out of the woodwork.

The trophy cabinet is well stocked with beautiful silver cups one that takes a very special prominent position. I think it's got 2008 engraved on it forever !!!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


I know Port Melbourne is your second favourite team these days so I'll be keeping an eye out for you during the final series. I believe 'THE BEST' ground in the VFL were given the thumbs up today for hosting the finals once again.

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Would love to see Frankston win and avoid the Spoon but Roosters look good things to me to complete another very ordinary year for the Dolphins. The ever optimistic coach is declaring 2017 will be the Dolphins year. Hope he's right but I dont think so. They will have to recruit super well because they will probably lose most of their best players from this year.
Jack Sketcher looks a certainty to be drafted. If not Port will grab him. Super impressive since rejoining Frankston during the year. Cavarra should leave also. No chance of getting on an AFL list now so he will go and make some money. Noble Park @ $800 per game looks a nice fit. Sikora doesnt seem to stay anywhere for long and they will be well and truly stuffed if he moves on too. Newman and Wood have been spoken of as possible draftees, but both lack polish, but are rough chances to be picked up. 
Port and Geelong should be a cracker. Port need to play out the 100 minutes and they will beat Geelong.
Casey v Box Hill is another ripper. Will be going for a look.
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Is that where the problem is season after season - that being that the better players can't be held onto as once they get noticed they wish to go to clubs that may give them some success and also more money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  therefore making it hard to build a quality side as each season quality players need to be replaced ?


I have notcied in the past when players have shown promised we (Port) have been more than happy to take them from Frankston.




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As disappointing as it is to lose them , you cant really blame them for chasing more money and/or success. Theres also the lure of these young guys wanting to be coached by the great Gary Ayres. I wish he was coaching Frankston now. They know hes a great coach and will get the best out of them. Just look at much unfulfilled promise at Frankston.

Who could blame Cavarra for moving on.  Wasting his talent at Frankston for the last 3 years and being paid unders. 



Money becomes a factor when players don't have a reason to stay. The problem for a number of years now is players at the Dolphins haven't have that reason. Frankston's problems are mostly self-inflicted going back almost a decade. It's very sad but we can only hope the corner is about to be turned.

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Lets hope so but from what I have seen on field this year they are a long long way off the pace. With the personel they have I thought they might be able to win 4-6 games this year, including a win or two over some of the top teams but they are nowhere near that. Despite the coach trumpeting that Frankston were 'quite superb' in the secong half against Port, the reality was Port dropped off after having the game won at quarter time. The previous week v Coburg was probably the worst standard of VFL football Ive ever seen. A lot of work to be done yet. Mr Hill has another year to turn it around. Lets hope he can.